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Doll Bed for Baby

Simple, Yet Adorable!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Beth Cooper

Type of Project: Doll Bed

Featured Date: Week of 11-23-22

Hi!  I’m Beth Cooper.  I’m gonna be honest with you guys, I’m really more of a quilter than a sewist. Oh don’t get me wrong, I can manage all the alterations my three kids throw at me, but I honestly don’t have that many creative projects sitting around that aren’t quilts! So bear with me on this one! I’m just kicking off this Sew & Tell, but I’m confident you guys will blow me out of the water with your submissions!

I made this doll bed for a sweet little three-year-old girl named Audra.  I found the pattern online.  What’s neat about this bed is that it is simply a small Rubbermaid tote from Walmart.  I made an elastic “bed skirt” to fit over it.  I followed it up with a tiny little pillow and quilt.  I then added a new baby doll, and voila!  I had a super cute gift to give to a little girl.  The Rubbermaid container serves as storage for her doll and doll accessories.  Needless to say, little Audra loved it! 

I can’t find the actual pattern I used, but if you google “storage container doll beds,” lots of variations come up.  They are all adorable.  Missouri Star currently has a great selection of pink and black/white fabric very similar to what I used. You’ll have fun making this project! Plus, you’ll make some little girl’s day!

Doll Bed made from a storage container.

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Darlene Behanna
Darlene Behanna
1 year ago

I made one for my granddaughter and one for the neighbor next door. It was a nice change from quilt making. Right now I’m making 18 inch doll clothes for my granddaughter.

Karen Oetken
Karen Oetken
1 year ago

l love your little blanket ! It’s so quick and easy and perfect for a new quilter. It can also serve for a cuddle blankly for a small child. My grandson carried his small quilt to bed with him until the blankly wore out!

1 year ago

Nice color, pink & blacks.

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