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A Jane Stickle Quilt in Batiks

See Beth Cooper and Her Jane Quilt "In Pandemic Times"

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Beth Cooper

Quilt Name: “A Jane Stickle Quilt in Batiks”

Style of Quilt: Traditional

Featured Date: Week of 11-23-22

Hi! I’m Beth Cooper and I wanted to show you a quilt I finished in 2021.  This is my version of the famous Jane Stickle Civil War quilt.  Instead of using Civil War reproduction fabric, I decided to use bright Batik fabrics.  What can I say, bright colors make me happy!  This quilt has over 5,000 pieces in it.  There are 169 center blocks that each measure 5” and there are 52 pieced triangles in the borders.  There are also four kite-shaped blocks in each corner. 

This quilt took me about nine months to complete.  The border is scalloped, just like Jane’s was in 1863. The techniques I used were paper piecing and applique.  I learned so much while piecing this quilt!  It was such a fun and unique project and a huge challenge.  I’m happy to say, I nailed it!  I also quilted it myself. As Jenny Doan says, it’s not perfect but it’s finished!

And while I was at it, I learned so much about Jane that I started traveling and portraying Jane, all while dressed up as Jane in a Civil War-era dress.  Hundreds of quilters and history buffs have since learned all about Jane and her incredible story and quilt.  I have spoken to quilt guilds, at quilt shows, and even at the Shaftsbury, Vermont Historical Society in Jane’s hometown.  This quilt brought together my loves of sewing, history, and community theater. Many of the fabrics I used can be found here.

Jane Stickle (errr, I mean me) and my quilt
“In Pandemic Times” by Beth Cooper – A recreation of Jane Stickle’s famous Civil War quilt

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1 year ago

So pretty.

1 year ago

Your quilt is stunning! Would love to hear Jane’s story from your character!