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You Can Submit a Project to Sew & Tell!

We Want to See Them! (And So Does Everyone Else!)

by Beth Cooper

What is Sew & Tell?

We love, love, LOVE seeing your quilting and sewing projects, so we created the Sew & Tell page – the most exciting part of the Nancy’s Notions site (shhhhh, don’t tell the other pages on the site ;)!  Each week on Sew & Tell we feature a beautiful, unique project from one quilter and one sewist.  We can’t wait to see your lovely creations and we know everyone else feels the same way, so not only will these projects be featured on our website, but also in the Nancy’s Notions email newsletter, and also on the Nancy’s Notions Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest channels!

We’re always in awe of the creativity and talent of the sewing and quilting community and we can’t wait to feature some of your work on Nancy’s Notions! 

How to submit your quilt or sewing project to Sew & Tell?

Submitting your project is easy peasy lemon squeezy! All that you need to do is email us at inspiration@nancysnotions.com and include one or more pictures of your project, your name/where you’re from (with any personal information, be only as specific as you’re comfortable with), and, most importantly, all the juicy details about your quilt or sewing project! Does it have a cute or inspirational backstory?  We want to hear it!  Did you make it for someone special?  We want to know!  Does the quilt, garment, or project have special meaning?  Just like they sing in the musical Grease “tell me more, tell me more!” 

If you know the name of the pattern, fabric line, or designer you used we’d love to hear about that too.  Don’t worry about writing too much (there’s no word limit), we just want you to share what you’re proud of with the world, so long as it’s made out of fabric! 

Where can featured Sew & Tell projects be viewed?

As mentioned, two projects will be featured each week – one quilt and one sewing project. Submissions that are chosen will be displayed on the Sew & Tell page, in the weekly Nancy’s Notions email newsletter, and on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages. Though we love and value each and every submission, we only feature one per week in each category. Thanks in advance to everyone who submits a project!

So, there you have it folks,  we can’t wait to start seeing all of your beautiful sewing projects and quilts! And remember, no project is too big or too small.  And no project is perfect.  We are only taking submissions of imperfect projects! Ha!  Maybe you recently made a really cute apron or perhaps you have a quilt you finished?  Anything goes!  If you sewed it, it qualifies. We can’t wait to see the submissions start rolling in! Go ahead and check out this week’s featured projects – to kick it off, the first two projects are from me 🙂 

‘Til next time,


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Donna Parton
Donna Parton
11 months ago

Please advise how I can place orders for Nancy’s products. Have been away for awhile, since Nancy died. Thank you.

Shirley Boucher
Shirley Boucher
10 months ago

Hello Donna, I’ve been making “Little dresses for Africa” ever since Nancy first told about the program on her TV show. I’ve sent over 300 and my daughter is over 600. Now we’re questioning whether that program is still working or are the dresses we send going to some other organization? One of the “sewists” I contacted in Idaho when I moved here from Seattle 2 years ago, told me that service was no longer functioning and the little girls all wear uniforms to go to school. Can you tell me whether that’s true or not. If so, what happens to the dresses we send?

Arleen MacCallum
Arleen MacCallum
7 months ago

I was wondering the same thing. I sent 60 dresses in Feb and never heard a thing.
I think I’ll make pillowcases for the million pillowcase challenge instead, atleast they can be donated locally.

Macel Posey
Macel Posey
8 months ago

I love the t-shirt dresses with the ruffle on the bottom. I have been making sundresses for an orphanage in Africa but they seem to have as much as they need for a while so am going to try these for cooler climates. Do you know where I can buy t-shirts in colors for a good price?

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