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An Adorable Christmas Apron Made From a Panel!

You Will Want to Make More Than One!!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Joyce Minnis from Burtchville, Michigan

Type of Project: Christmas Apron

Pattern Designer: J. Minnis Designs

Featured Date: Week of 12-22-22

Hi! My name is Joyce Minnis and I am a pattern designer. I make garments and aprons from charm packs and panels. I have been sewing for 55 plus years.

Joyce Minnis – Pattern Designer (J. Minnis Designs)

I am showing a Christmas Apron I made from a panel.  They are fun to make and really different because the unique panel you choose makes every apron different. You will want to make more than one!

I love all things fabric and quilting related.  Charm packs are my favorite and I love to collect those. I make aprons and jackets from charm packs and panels.  I sell my patterns wholesale. They are available to purchase online at Shabby Fabrics, Fields Fabrics, Quilting Necessities on Etsy, and just recently Annie’s Catalog.   

I love Nancy’s Notions and have a few books, that are treasures of mine, signed by Nancy Zieman.  I have included pictures of my aprons for different seasons.

This apron was made from a beautiful purple floral panel.
This apron was made from a blue floral panel.
This apron was made from a Halloween panel.

I just created The Charming Angel Pattern and it has been very popular. 

Pocket Angel that I also make a pattern for. It is available here.

For the Christmas apron, used the Snowman & Cottage panel from Timeless Treasures. I bought it on MSQC.   

Thanks for featuring my aprons this week! Merry Christmas!

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Joyce Minnis
Joyce Minnis
5 months ago

Thank you, Beth, for the wonderful article very honored. Have a Merry Christmas!

5 months ago
Reply to  Joyce Minnis

I have your pattern but a panel template did not come with my purchase. I bought it on Etsy. I checked with them but wondering if you would consider making a video 🎥on how to cut the panel and sew the apron for those of us are more visible people. I think I have read the instructions 5 times to understand how I should cut.

Thank you

Joyce Minnis
Joyce Minnis
4 months ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Hi Jennifer, there is a video on Shabby Fabrics on the Charm Square apron and they are basically the same dimensions. I live in a very rural area and barely have internet for email, so a video is not in my future. I will send you the template if it did not load in your digital download. If you send me your email address to jminnisdesigns@gmail.com I will get the template to you and help you in any way I can for a successful apron.

Janice Fox
Janice Fox
5 months ago

I love the apron pattern from a panel. Are there directions on how to make this apron?

Joyce Minnis
Joyce Minnis
5 months ago
Reply to  Janice Fox

Hi Janice, there is a pattern for the apron available on Shabby Fabrics, Fields Fabrics, Etsy at Quilting Necessities, in Digital and paper at Etsy, Annies Catalog and QBPN. Thank you for your interest.

5 months ago

I just received an email from your sight and for the first time in a long time, I want to sew and quilt again.. I have a severe pain problem in my upper back between my shoulder blades which I have had almost my entire life. Mom had it too and several other relatives. I can only sew for about an hour or so before the pain gets so bad I have to quit for they day and use a heating pad on my back to get rid of the pain. Unfortunately, the pain comes right back if I try to do anything at all, the pain returns, so basically I and out for the day. If an your there suffers from this, tell me how you manage it please! I am desperate to get my sewing life back. Any and all crafting or anything else has caused me to lose myself. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks. Judy Horvath, Hanover PA

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