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An Adorable Christmas Apron Made From a Panel!

You Will Want to Make More Than One!!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Joyce Minnis from Burtchville, Michigan

Type of Project: Christmas Apron

Pattern Designer: J. Minnis Designs

Featured Date: Week of 12-22-22

Hi! My name is Joyce Minnis and I am a pattern designer. I make garments and aprons from charm packs and panels. I have been sewing for 55 plus years.

Joyce Minnis – Pattern Designer (J. Minnis Designs)

I am showing a Christmas Apron I made from a panel.  They are fun to make and really different because the unique panel you choose makes every apron different. You will want to make more than one!

I love all things fabric and quilting related.  Charm packs are my favorite and I love to collect those. I make aprons and jackets from charm packs and panels.  I sell my patterns wholesale. They are available to purchase online at Shabby Fabrics, Fields Fabrics, Quilting Necessities on Etsy, and just recently Annie’s Catalog.   

I love Nancy’s Notions and have a few books, that are treasures of mine, signed by Nancy Zieman.  I have included pictures of my aprons for different seasons.

This apron was made from a beautiful purple floral panel.
This apron was made from a blue floral panel.
This apron was made from a Halloween panel.

I just created The Charming Angel Pattern and it has been very popular. 

Pocket Angel that I also make a pattern for. It is available here.

For the Christmas apron, used the Snowman & Cottage panel from Timeless Treasures. I bought it on MSQC.   

Thanks for featuring my aprons this week! Merry Christmas!

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Joyce Minnis
Joyce Minnis
11 months ago

Thank you, Beth, for the wonderful article very honored. Have a Merry Christmas!

10 months ago
Reply to  Joyce Minnis

I have your pattern but a panel template did not come with my purchase. I bought it on Etsy. I checked with them but wondering if you would consider making a video 🎥on how to cut the panel and sew the apron for those of us are more visible people. I think I have read the instructions 5 times to understand how I should cut.

Thank you

Joyce Minnis
Joyce Minnis
10 months ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Hi Jennifer, there is a video on Shabby Fabrics on the Charm Square apron and they are basically the same dimensions. I live in a very rural area and barely have internet for email, so a video is not in my future. I will send you the template if it did not load in your digital download. If you send me your email address to jminnisdesigns@gmail.com I will get the template to you and help you in any way I can for a successful apron.

Janice Fox
Janice Fox
11 months ago

I love the apron pattern from a panel. Are there directions on how to make this apron?

Joyce Minnis
Joyce Minnis
11 months ago
Reply to  Janice Fox

Hi Janice, there is a pattern for the apron available on Shabby Fabrics, Fields Fabrics, Etsy at Quilting Necessities, in Digital and paper at Etsy, Annies Catalog and QBPN. Thank you for your interest.

11 months ago

I just received an email from your sight and for the first time in a long time, I want to sew and quilt again.. I have a severe pain problem in my upper back between my shoulder blades which I have had almost my entire life. Mom had it too and several other relatives. I can only sew for about an hour or so before the pain gets so bad I have to quit for they day and use a heating pad on my back to get rid of the pain. Unfortunately, the pain comes right back if I try to do anything at all, the pain returns, so basically I and out for the day. If an your there suffers from this, tell me how you manage it please! I am desperate to get my sewing life back. Any and all crafting or anything else has caused me to lose myself. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks. Judy Horvath, Hanover PA

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