What is Lawn?

A Wonderful Fabric for Garment-Making!

by Beth Cooper
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Anne of Green Gables once dreamed of a dress made of Lawn and maybe you do, as well.  Lawn is a lightweight cotton that sews up beautifully and is perfect for dresses, blouses, aprons, or even curtains.  Lawn comes in a variety of colors and prints, although white Lawn is the classic color.

Lawn is somewhat sheer and is crisper than organza.  It has a high thread count and is very breathable.  It will not lose its shape and resists wrinkles. This fabric is perfect for warm climates.

Does it Shrink?

Although Lawn does not shrink, prewashing in cold water is still recommended. Dry on low heat. Consider starching the fabric to make it crisper and easier to cut. 

Use a very lightweight interfacing if one is needed.  Also be sure to use a fresh rotary blade to avoid snags.  Although a 50-wt. thread works well for most sewing projects, consider using a lighter weight thread with lawn.  A 60 or 80 wt. thread both work well.  If you’re using a lighter thread and a lightweight fabric, you will need a smaller needle.  In this case a needle size 60/8 is perfect.

Denim Swiss Dot Chambray Lawn. What would you make with this?

If you’re interested in shopping for Lawn fabric, check out a great selection here.

Lawn is not perfect for every project, but lawn is perfect for certain projects.  You will soon find out that you love sewing with lawn.  Have fun!

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linda langlois
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