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The Best Christmas Surprises! Quilts!

by Beth Cooper

Are you the kind of person that loves surprises? Or the kind that hates surprises? There are definitely both types in the world today and I have to say that I raised three kids that hate surprises. They like to know every single thing they are getting for Christmas and that’s okay. I get that. I get it because I am exactly like that! They all get it from me. Their Dad is the kind of guy that loves a good surprise. He doesn’t snoop around the house trying to find all of his presents. I’m pretty sure he never did that as a kid either.

My kids don’t have to snoop for their presents, because a.) they were either with me when I bought them or b.) they added the present to the Amazon cart themselves, and I hit “buy now.” My parents didn’t tell me what I was getting for Christmas, but I always found out. The fun is in the snooping! My older brother taught me how to carefully unwrap each gift under the tree, find out what it was, and then carefully re-wrap the gift using the same bits of Scotch tape. It was the 1980s. My brother is eight years older than me, so he was the babysitter.

The Pink Ice Confession

One year, around 1989 or 1990, Pink Ice rings were all the rage. Every girl wanted a Pink Ice ring. (Pink Ice is a man-made stone that looks like a pink diamond.) I knew my Mom’s favorite hiding spot for gifts and while she and my Dad had left for the evening to attend a Christmas party, I searched for a possible ring. I found it in her top dresser drawer, promptly put it on my finger, shut the drawer, and proceeded to leave with a friend and her parents to our local skating rink for a fun night of roller skating. I wore it the whole evening, returned home before my parents, put the ring back into the box in my Mom’s dresser drawer, and went to bed. I acted super surprised when I opened it on Christmas morning! I didn’t tell my mother that story until I was a grown adult. I think she was shocked!

This Year’s Surprises

Anyway, being surprised at Christmas is not a thing at our house. Except for this year. All three of my kids knew what they were getting for Christmas, except for one item each. They each got a new quilt from me this year and they were surprised! I actually made seven quilts for gifts this year. It all started with my bonus daughter. She is in her twenties and lives all the way across the country. Although, she is not our daughter biologically, she lived with us for a while during her high school years. We love her like our own and she mentioned that she would like to have a quilt. So I made her one. Then my oldest daughter told me that her fiance would like a quilt. So I made him one. Then, I decided that his parents would probably like a quilt for their beautiful Victorian home that they are restoring, so I made them one. Then I decided to go ahead and gift the Christmas quilt that I was making for the engaged couple. It was now a Christmas gift instead of a wedding gift.

The first quilt was for Calli. This quilt is a Sassy Nine Patch pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co. You can buy the pattern here!
Every quilt has a label. These small labels are my favorite way to make them. You can find the tutorial from Natalie
at Missouri Star by clicking here!

Then my youngest mentioned to me in November that I make everyone quilts but him. I responded with, “Honey, I’ve made you lots of quilts!” He replied with, “Name them.” When I could only name one, I decided to make him a quilt for Christmas too. Then I didn’t want the older two kids to feel left out, so I added two more quilts to the list. It was a lot but I did it!

The Trading Game

On Christmas morning, they opened all of their gifts and then when it got quiet again, I brought out five more boxes. Each had a number on the box and twenty one-dollar bills laying on top. Each child got to pick a box. If they picked the correct number corresponding to their name, they got to keep the $20. (Hint: I numbered them in the order I made the quilts.) If they didn’t pick the right number, they had to trade to try to get the right number. Each time they made a trade they had to pay me one dollar. It was super fun and everyone enjoyed the game. But they still had no idea what was inside!

After everyone had the right box, they opened the presents and they were all very excited and surprised! They are the kind of kids who really treasure a quilt. I love that about them. I didn’t take any pictures of them opening the boxes because I was just enjoying the moment. It was special and I think they all decided that it was a good surprise!

So, now for the unveiling of the rest of the quilts! Some of these, you may have seen in a sneak peek on another blog post, while others are new.

My future son-in-law with his quilt. This pattern is called Home Quarter by Highway 10 Designs. It’s my new favorite pattern!
My 12-year-old son with his quilt (also Home Quarter pattern!)
My 14-year-old daughter with her Home Quarter quilt.
My oldest daughter with her quilt. Yep, another Home Quarter!
I was on a roll!
This Dandi Duo fat quarter bundle is not the exact one I used for the above quilt but very close.
The Home Quarter quilt is a great quilt for fat quarters!
Our friends, the Larches, with their quilt. This pattern is Family Gathering by Moda. This quilt is perfect for their Victorian home! (Pattern can be found inside On a Roll Again book by Lissa Alexander.)
My oldest daughter and her fiance with their Christmas quilt. I was going to save it as a wedding present but decided to just give it to them. You can read about this Hourglass pattern and how I chose it here.
This Dutchy Blues Batiks fat quarter bundle would make a gorgeous Home Quarter quilt!

After years of making very difficult patterns to continually challenge myself, it was so calming and soothing to decide to make some quick and easy quilt patterns. That Home Quarter quilt pattern is seriously my new favorite! It goes together so quickly and if you make a mistake, or turn a block wrong, no one can tell! It is easy peasy! (That’s why I made so many of the same pattern!)

It was an amazing Christmas and everyone loved their quilts. I just hope they don’t expect one every year! Ha!

Happy sewing! ‘Til next time…


P.S. I used this Missouri Star thread bundle to piece all of my quilts. I love this thread so much! (And so does my sewing machine!)
You can find it by clicking here.

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1 month ago

That’s an amazing amount of quilts!
I have used the Home Quarter pattern twice- yes a favorite! Do you do your own longarming?

1 month ago

They are all beautiful. Even though you used the same pattern, they are all so different! Lucky family and friends.

1 month ago

I gifted 9 quilts to my grands this year, made over the last 3 years. Twin to king. One was hand quilted, some free motion and some professionally longarmed. It was so much fun. They were all thrilled.

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