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I Decided On a Pattern! Nope, Not That One…

by Beth Cooper

Remember two weeks ago when I asked you all to help me decide on a pattern for a Christmas quilt? (You can go back and read that post here.) Long story short, I am making a Christmas quilt for my daughter. I purchased a pile of beautiful Christmas batiks and I narrowed the choices down to three patterns. Then, I asked you all to chime in on which one was your favorite. I got an awesome response (thank you!!) and the majority chose the… (drumroll please!!)… Disappearing Hourglass Medallion! Woot Woot!!

This is the Disappearing Hourglass Medallion. You can find it here!

My Colors Are Blush and Bashful Red and Green

I love this pattern and instead of making mine with only two colors, like the one in the photo, I wanted to use three colors – red, green, and cream. The first step in making the Disappearing Hourglass blocks is to first make Hourglass blocks. I decided to use three colors in each block. My blocks turned out like this:

My Christmas Hourglass Block (the fabric is from the Holiday at Home Batiks Collection)

Plot Twist

Okay, so plot twist ahead: In order to make the Disappearing Hourglass Medallion quilt, I have to cut this beautiful Hourglass block into pieces. And I don’t want to! How beautiful is this block? It’s just so stinkin’ cute, I don’t want to cut it!

Sooo, the plan has changed. I am keeping these blocks as they are. I am not cutting them up! I’ll save that medallion pattern for another day. Thank you all so much for voting for the Disappearing Hourglass Medallion pattern because even though I’m not using it, it has led me down the path to this beauty. So, stay tuned on how the quilt comes together and pics of the finished project! Man, I love Christmas in July!

What Are You Making?

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and finding some time to sew a few stitches here and there. Remember, we love to see your sewing projects on Sew & Tell and Quilt & Tell on Nancy’s Notions. Click here to learn how to submit your projects to be featured on our website!

Needing some inspiration for a new project? We have lots of ideas on Nancy’s Notions! Click here to see our Project Ideas Page!

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