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Check Out This Boho Jacket!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Linda Heimerl from Wilson, Wisconsin

Type of Project: Upcycled Shirt

Pattern: Original Design

Featured Date: 6-28-23

Hello. My  name is Linda Heimerl and I live in Wilson, Wisconsin. Last week, my daughter and I went to the Minnesota Quilt show in St. Cloud, MN (which was outstanding) and also spent a morning roaming in some small boutique shops in Anoka, MN. In one of the shops, we saw some jackets that were made from various denim prints and solids with raw-edge seams, lace and a rather hippie look. One was in a pink colorway and one in a blue colorway. I couldn’t resist and finally decided to get the pink one. After going back home to Wisconsin, I told my daughter I wished I had gotten the blue one too.

We both looked online and it was sold out in my size – we couldn’t find it anywhere. Needless to say, I was disappointed. But while cleaning in my sewing area, I came up with the idea of doing my own by upcycling a faded denim shirt I had. I went digging through my stash of fabric, lace, doilies and buttons, etc. and started cutting and stitching. The photos show my finished project, and when I texted pictures to my daughter (with no explanation) she texted back and said, “What! Where did you find it!” Needless to say, I am pleased with my “new” jacket, and it was basically free, except for a couple hours of time! And I was reminded again that it pays to have a healthy stash!



The Front
The Back

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Debi Humphrey
Debi Humphrey
2 months ago

Hi, Linda! Your denim jacket is gorgeous. You did an awesome job on it. And yes, sometimes it’s very handy to have those little bits of lace and fabrics lying around, isn’t it?

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