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Table Runners – Fun and Easy Sewing Projects!

by Beth Cooper

Man, I love a good table runner pattern. Don’t you? I especially love seasonal-themed table runners, because I love anything seasonal! Decorating for the seasons is my jam. I was raised by my mom who decorates for all holidays and seasons. It’s just what we do. Lol. She is way better at it than me though!

I love to walk into a Hobby Lobby (or any home decor store) and just spend all my time on the seasonal aisles. Halloween aisle? Yes, I love it. The springtime aisle? I’m there. The Christmas aisles? I will be there all day. Christmas is my fave! You name the season or holiday, and I love it.

Want to make a 4th of July Firework Table Topper?
This one is fantastic!
(And it’s on sale this week with the coupon from the
Nancy’s Notions Newsletter!)

So, it goes without saying that I love to also sew things that are holiday-themed. Christmas quilts are my very favorite. (If I never sewed anything but Christmas quilts, I would be a happy woman!) Table runners are a super fun project and are a very cool way to decorate for the seasons and holidays. Find a huge selection of table runner patterns here.

This booklet full of holiday table runner patterns is awesome! Easy and cute patterns? Yes, please! You can find it here!

Table runners really have everything going for them. They are fast. They are easy. They don’t take up much storage space. They are a beautiful way to decorate your home. They make great gifts. I could go on and on, but really that’s probably enough.

What I love about this pattern is that depending on the fabric you choose, you can make it fit any season. Use Halloween fabric and have a Halloween table runner. Use Christmas fabric to make it Christmasy. Use fabric that matches the color palette of your home for use year-round. You just can’t go wrong with this one!
Find it here!
The only thing that bothers me about table runners, is that when I place a vase of flowers or some other centerpiece on it, I cover up my beautiful table runner. This pattern is genius because it leaves room for your centerpiece, without covering up the design of the table runner. This is a kit using African wax fabrics and by ordering it you are giving back to a community in Rwanda, Africa.
Find the Ubushobozi Table Runner Kit here!
Here is a super fun table runner tutorial from Jenny at Missouri Star! It’s perfect for a charm pack!

Excuse me, I have some Christmas fabric calling my name. It may just turn into a new table runner…

Happy sewing! ‘Til next time!


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