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Quilt With Feed Sack Fabric is Stunning!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Kyle LoCascio

Type of Quilt: Scrappy Vintage Bed Quilt

Name of Pattern: Unknown

Featured Date: 04-03-24

My name is Kyle, when I was growing up in the 50’s my Great Aunt Rose started to make twin size scrap quilts for my sister and I.  She finished one top and had started the second one when she sadly passed away.  

After Auntie passed all of the projects were put away and didn’t see the light of day again until my mother inherited the contents of her house in 1972.  My parents had so much to do to put all of the furniture and dishes away someplace that it languished in their shed until they both had passed away by 2001.  I found the quilts and the scraps and because they smelled very musty, I washed all of the scraps in lingerie bags and stored them away.  

I told my neighbor April about the project and that I was scared to start it because I feared my scraps would be bigger and that it would be obvious where she left off and I started in.  April told me “Oh, you can do it” and so I tried and she was right. There were so many scraps that it took me 6 hours to iron them all flat so I could start on the quilt. 

Here is a photo I took of the completed top sewn to the started on top and 16 inches of muslin which I added on to the side so I could make it a queen-size quilt.  

It took me several months to finish the top and because my Auntie had used cotton thread 70 years ago, I thought I should have it professionally quilted in a fairly tight meandering stitch.  I also do love having shams, so I made shams to go with it.  Here is the finished product.

I purposely left the seam where I stitched Auntie’s finished quilt top and the one she had started, so that it would be sort of an homage to Aunt Rose.  You can see the straight line seam in the upper right hand corner.  

Once I had started the quilt, I kept working on it until it was finished and am so proud of the finished product.  I missed doing the handwork after it was all done.  I think I might attempt to do another one using my modern scraps, but we’ll see about that.  I love that there are so many feed sack fabrics in the quilt and things which I remember having blouses out of as a little girl.  I also put in a few modern things as reminders of my later adult life.  I would like to mention that Kathy Yull did the quilting.

So, that is my quilt saga, hope you like it.  



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15 days ago

Kyle- your quilt is magnificent! I’m glad your neighbor gave you encouragement- it looks wonderful. I also am a fan of shams and like to make them to match my quilt tops.

15 days ago

I really like this Scrappy Vintage Bed Quilt. Is it possible for you to explain exactly how the pieces are sewn together? Thank you.

Barb Diss
Barb Diss
11 days ago
Reply to  Linda

I too would like to know how it is put together, thank you.

Bonnie Neufeld
Bonnie Neufeld
15 days ago

This is so beautiful!!! Are the scraps sewn onto a muslin backing? Love it!!!

14 days ago

This is a real family treasure and wonderful story. You should print your story on fabric and sew a little pocket on the quilt back to place the story in for safe keeping so it will always be together. An homage to your lovely Auntie. Just wonderful!

14 days ago

This is a beautiful quilt and a beautiful story to go with it!! 🙂
I, too, would love to hear about the construction!! Did you just hand sew the scraps to the muslin? Thanks for the inspiration!!!