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This Modern Quilt is Full of Color!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Karen Foster from Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Type of Quilt: Modern Quilt

Name of Pattern: Mod Flower Box by Robin Pickens

Featured Date: 02-28-24

Hi, I’m Karen and am from Western Wisconsin. I have been seriously quilting for about 18 months. Last year I embarked on a mission to be sure that I learned a variety of quilting techniques as I wanted to make a quilt for each of my 6 grandchildren. One of the techniques that I needed to learn was the Drunkards Path design. I found a pattern by Robin Pickens called Mod Flower Box. This pattern inspired me to create a beautiful quilt for my daughter using Robin’s pattern and the Drunkard’s Path quilting design. I bought the pattern, but I didn’t want to make a square quilt so I had to do some redesigning. This modern design is a far cry from the more traditional designs that I was used to. I do not recall what fabric I used. 

My Mod Flower Box quilt, pattern by Robin Pickens.
Modified to a rectangular shape by myself.

I was leery about learning the Drunkard’s Path but after a few tries I decided that it  was not scary at all.  I stepped way out of my comfort zone with this design but I am very pleased with the result.

I even found “Minky” type backing fabric that I felt mimicked the mod floral design. 

I have received many compliments on the finished quilt. My niece teased, “Now when you’re not home, if you haven’t gifted the quilt yet to your daughter, where in the house might I find it.”

In a side note: During 2023, I was confident enough to complete all 6 quilts for my grandchildren. (Despite having my hip replaced, a broken back and losing 3 close relatives). The grandkid’s quilts were full/queen size and each was a different design.  Many of the quilt designs were inspired by Missouri Star Quilt Company Tutorials & Block Magazine.

Thank you for a chance to Show and Tell and hopefully inspire others to share their stories.



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