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This Cactus Costume is Downright Adorable!

by Beth Cooper
This cactus costume was designed and made by Vicky Hansen.

Sewist’s Name: Vicky Hansen from Colorado

Type of Project: Halloween Costume

Pattern Designer: Original Design

Featured Date: 3-23-23

Hi, I’m Vicky. My grandson wanted to be a cactus in a pot for Halloween. I have no idea how he came up with that idea, but there obviously was no pattern. I created one and made him this to wear on Halloween. He loved being unique. I used a foam circle to create the top of the “terra cotta” pot and cut the center out to use on top of his head. I put a t-shirt inside and sewed the cactus to it in places to keep the in+out portions in place. The t-shirt also kept the shoulders up. I used short fur for the “dirt”. The cactus was green flannel reinforced with iron-on stiffener. The “spines” were made with a yarn I found with sparkly fluff on just one side.



This cactus costume was designed and made by Vicky Hansen.
An image of the type of trim used to make the spines.

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8 months ago

That is so adorable! You are very creative to have come up with that design. Well done!

1 month ago

I found the exact costume that you made at a thrift store in Fort Collins, Colorado. I had to make some cuts so I could fit (small adult woman) lol but super excited to wear your creation! I was googling to get inspiration for what to wear for pants and found your page. Feels hilarious.

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