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Can You Find the Needle in a Haystack?

by Beth Cooper

Oh, my lands! Something exciting is happening at Nancy’s Notions! You guys are going to have so much fun! Do you remember playing those hidden picture games when you were younger? You know, the ones where everyday items are hidden in the pictures? Nowadays, there are online hidden picture games to play and those are so fun too. Okay, now that you know what I’m talking about, guess what??

Drum Roll, Please…

Nancy’s Notions is going to have a hidden needle each week! There will be a sewing needle hidden each week somewhere amongst the new posts for that week. Trust me, you do not have to read through the whole entire website to find it. (That would be hundreds of articles!!) You just have to search the new ones posted for the week. There are always five new articles posted each week, one in each of the following categories: Quilting 101, Sewing 101, Beth Said Sew, Quilt & Tell, and Sew & Tell.

You never know where I will hide that pesky little needle, but it will be there somewhere. Some weeks it may be a bit bigger, while other weeks, a tiny bit smaller. Sometimes it could be vertical. Other times it could be horizontal.

You may ask, “What happens when I find it?” The answer is pride, not prize. You win the satisfaction of knowing that you found it and you are a Needle-Finding-Rock-Star-Who-Is-Amazing-And-Loved!

This is a SAMPLE of what the needle will look like.  This is NOT the hidden one for this week.  I have enlarged this one.  It will not be this big normally.  

One Rule Only

What are the rules? There is only one: don’t spoil the surprise for everyone else by writing in the comment section where the needle is located. If you’re dying to tell someone that you found it, tell a friend or even email me! I’ll cheer along with you! (beth@nancysnotions.com)

Have fun playing along! I hope you find the needle in the haystack. 🙂

‘Til next time,


P.S. Speaking of hay, how cute is this Hay Girl Quilt pattern? Perfect for that horse lover you know!

Find this pattern at Missouri Star Quilt Co. or by clicking here.

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11 months ago

What fun! Found it!,,,

11 months ago

Fun times…but I found it

Anne-Marie Webster
Anne-Marie Webster
11 months ago

That wasn’t too hard!

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