Home Inspiration These Spectacular Quilts Light Up!

These Spectacular Quilts Light Up!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Marie Flint from Danvers, Massachusetts

Type of Quilt: Wall Hanging

Name of Pattern: Original Design/Panels

Featured Date: 12-20-23

Hi, I am Marie Flint from Danvers, Massachusetts.  I have been sewing and quilting for many years.  I felt that a couple of wall hangings were appropriate for the season.  I wanted to share these wall hangings with you, not because they are particularly difficult to construct but because I used them as my canvas to use mini lights to add a little extra flair.  The first is a scene of Santa riding his sleigh with all his reindeer over a town on Christmas eve.  The town and Santa was an iron on fabric stencil.  The second piece is a panel of a little country town.  I made eyelets in the fabric to be able to feed the mini lights.  Then I glued black rubber O rings to secure the lights to the fabric.  The lights turn off and on at will with a little switch on the back of each piece.  I  like to hang these pieces each Christmas season.



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2 months ago

I loved your quilt hanging. Might I inquire where you purchased your fabric stencils. I haven’t seen them before.

2 months ago

These are very pretty. I love the idea of using the “o” rings to hold the lights in place.

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