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Make an Adorable Christmas Wreath! Two Free Patterns!

by Beth Cooper

Hold onto your Christmas horses! Today we have two Christmas wreath patterns for you! These wreaths are both incredibly easy to make. You can find them both here.

The first is the Tie One On Christmas wreath. You know you hate to throw good fabric away, no matter what size it is. Put your scrap fabrics to good use by making a fabric wreath to decorate your home. This easy project really packs a color punch when you use fabrics in your favorite shades, or using holiday or seasonal fabrics. It’s a great project to work on while watching those Christmas movies!

The Tie One On Christmas Wreath

The next wreath is called the Looped Fabric Wreath. It is another super easy and fun wreath to make! If your idea of making a wreath brings to mind thoughts of a messy supply-laden table, glue guns, and hours of time-consuming effort, relax! Making fabric wreaths is almost effortless! Simply insert fabric strips through a metal frame and fluff the fabric to create an attractive wreath!

The Looped Fabric Wreath

Both of these wreaths require a wreath form. While these are available at craft stores, don’t forget to check your local Goodwill or local resale shops. This is a great way to reuse and recycle. Just tear the older decorations off and reuse the wreath form to make a beautiful new wreath!

You can download or print the free patterns here. Happy holiday crafting!

Want to see more free patterns from Nancy’s Notions? Click here!

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