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Sew Something Pink in October

And Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

by Beth Cooper
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Hey there. It’s that time of year again. Cooler temperatures. Fall foliage. Football games. And a sea of pink. Breast Cancer Awareness Month turns everything pink – shirts, sunglasses, candy bar wrappers, you name it and it’s offered in pink. And my favorite – pink fabric! I love pink and I love fabric. It’s the perfect combination for me.

As a breast cancer survivor, October has special meaning for me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 34 years old. My youngest child was 18 months old at the time. I went through six months of chemo, lost all my hair, had a double mastectomy, homeschooled my two school-aged kiddos, and totally rocked my bald head with a baby on my hip. I never gave up but it was seriously the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The bright side of going through all of that is that I don’t have to wonder if I am strong. I know I am. And I don’t have to wonder if I should buy the pink fabric. I know I should.

I have seen so many awesome breast cancer awareness quilts. I love them all. They speak to me. This Laura Heine pattern with the bra cracks me up! Who knew a bra quilt could be so beautiful? It would make a stunning wall hanging for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Buy this Pretty in Pink Pattern and make your own bra collage quilt!

Check out this adorable pink ribbon fabric line. It’s called Hope in Bloom by Katherine Lenius for Riley Blake. I’m in love with each print. I really can’t decide which is my favorite. (Yes, I can. It’s the white print with the pink words. Swoon.) It’s available in yardage or precuts on Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Hope in Bloom by Katherine Lenius for Riley Blake. Buy it on Missouri Star!

Whether you choose to make a pink quilt this month or not, I do hope that the pink ribbons that are covering the world this October will remind you to do those breast self-exams and schedule a mammogram. A self-exam saved my life and it may save yours as well. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. One in eight?? Whaaa? That’s crazy! The best result from the sea of pink products that are released every October is that they will trigger a reminder to every woman to do a self-check or a mammogram. I challenge each and every one of you to make a commitment to self-check and/or get that mammogram!

To all the women out there who are currently fighting breast cancer (or any other cancer, for that matter): you got this! Keep up the fight.

To all the survivors out there: you’re rock stars. Wear pink and celebrate.

‘Til Next Time,


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