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A Spooktacular Halloween!

A Great Time of Year to Sew A New Project!

by Beth Cooper

Velcome to Nancy’s Notions!  Ve hope you have a frighteningly fun Halloween!  (Surely, you read that in your best Count Dracula voice.)  We love Halloween over here at Nancy’s Notions for mainly one reason and one reason only – the Halloween fabric!  There are so many cute Halloween fabric lines that make you just want to sew a new Halloween table runner, throw to together a creepy quilt, or maybe make some treat bags for those special kiddos in your life. 

This Halloween line by Stacey lest Hsu for Moda is called Holiday Essentials. It is gorgeous and is full of October oranges and coordinating blacks and whites. 

It would be perfect for the Spooky Season Pattern or this fun pattern called Pinwheels and Pumpkins by Missouri Star.

Pinwheels and Pumpkins! You can’t get have more Halloween fun than this!
Spooky Season Quilt Pattern by Missouri Star

Another great line of Halloween fabric is the Halloween Spirit by Kanvas Studio. It’s perfect for a Halloween version of the Ticker Tape pattern.

Ticker Tape Pattern
Halloween Spirit by Kanvas Studio

Small and fast projects are the best. Want to make some fast and easy Halloween treat bags?  Check out this simple tutorial from Nancy’s Notions.  You can’t make just one!  You’ll be making them for every little trick or treater that comes to your door!

These bags are fast, easy, and simply adorable!

Do you need a Halloween apron to wear during your Halloween party?  Check out this adorable pattern and kit for a Halloween Gnome Apron.

The Gnome-Ster Mash Apron kit

Whatever you decide to make this Halloween season is sure to spooktacular!  Grab a bag of Halloween candy and get cozy at your sewing machine.  It’s the perfect time of year to sew!

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