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Pat’s Quilt is Gorgeous and Unique!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Pat Talcott from Whispering Pines, North Carolina

Type of Quilt: Wall Hanging

Name of Pattern: Original Design

Featured Date: 7-13-23

Hi, I’m Pat.  I love to quilt, sew, craft, and create … sometimes with creations that color outside the forbidden lines!  I’m always eyeing different media items and challenging myself to use it in a fun and different way.  Love to scour thrift shops, yard sales, antique markets, etc.  My studio is an fairly ample eclectic “toy” space filled with sewing machines, creations, tools, sentimentalities (old & new), and play things.  Some may find it overwhelming but for me, it’s a playground of creativity, contentment, inspiration, and oh so much joy.  My husband laughs when I tell him that all of my art, sewing, & crafts will fit in a box.  He says “Quit calling our house a box!”

As a personal ministry, I “coach” beginner want-to-be quilters a couple of nights each week.  The joy I see in their eyes in completion of their 1st quilt is truly my payment!  Though some are young, I never fail to learn something from them too (and they keep me hopping!).  Other hobbies include golf (good, bad, and the ugly) and some volunteer play. 

Living on a small lake, I hit the floor running each morning to view & enjoy His ever changing creation of nature … just for me!!!

Details About The Quilt:    Small bits of vintage lace, doilies (some I think were made by my mom), modern fabric, beads, hankies, and pieces of antique quilts make up this small reversible wall hanging (21X22).  After it’s been hanging for awhile, I flip it over for a new view.  It says I’m a tad different with its vintage look cuddled in free motion quilting among modern “happy to be here” colors!  

Meaning to me:    It’s not perfect but it’s so like me, perfectly imperfect.  My mom would have agreed.  It shouts fun, it shouts warmth, it shouts come play with me!



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