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Home Sew & Tell Mary Alice Repurposes Military Uniforms

Mary Alice Repurposes Military Uniforms

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Mary Alice Landau from Bridgewater, New Jersey

Type of Project: Home Decor

Pattern: Original Design

Featured Date: 5-17-23

Hello, my name is Mary Alice Landau and I am from Bridgewater, NJ. I’ve been sewing since I learned how in my 8th grade Home Ec class. Now that my children are grown, I’ve begun sewing for others. 

My youngest went to West Point (United States Military Academy) and that’s when I began upcycling military uniforms. This pillow was made using the full dress uniform. I chose to highlight the detail on the sleeve.  Below is my son in his full dress uniform (in the barracks). The design for the pillow is my own creation. 

The next photo shows pillows and a zip pouch that were made from the uniform pants.  Now instead of having a uniform hanging, unseen, and unworn in a closet or attic box,  the memories that this uniform has can be reflected on often. 

Thanks for giving me a chance to show my work. 

-Mary Alice

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10 months ago

I love Mary Alice’s work! I actually have a few of her pillows made of my sons’ West Point pieces. Thanks for highlighting her!