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Joyce’s Pincushion Angels Are Adorable (And So Handy!)

by Beth Cooper
Angel pincushion by Joyce Minnis

Sewist’s Name: Joyce Minnis from Burtchville, Michigan

Type of Project: Craft

Pattern Designer: J. Minnis Designs

Featured Date: 3-9-23

Hi, I’m Joyce Minnis. I have created a new pattern for Angel Pincushions. They are made with mini charm packs. One mini charm pack makes two Pincushion Angels.   She has ribbons down her back that are for holding wonder clips.  Her body is stuffed with walnut shells. Your pins can be handy and nearby and the walnut shells help keep them sharp! The Pattern is available at QBPN and is called The Pincushion Angel.

Joyce sells her patterns for her pincushion angels here.
One mini charm pack makes two angels.
Angel Pincushion
Wondering where to keep your Wonder Clips? Hang them from the back of the angel!

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6 months ago

Awe sweet angel !! I want to make one!

Vicki Mcfarland
Vicki Mcfarland
6 months ago

This is such a beautiful. I make felt beaded and sequined angels and other characters. Angels are my favorite to make.

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