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Helen Sews Beautiful Nordic Dresses!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Helen Conroy from Whidbey Island in Washington State

Type of Project: Garments

Pattern Designer: Fancywork & Fashion by Joan Hinds (for the doll dress only)

Featured Date: 4-13-23

Hi, I’m Helen. I made my daughter a Nordic style dress when she was ten years old and more recently made my doll, Louise, a dress, as well.

My daughter’s dress was made for a heritage day at school when we lived in south Florida. The white blouse was purchased and is long gone. My two grand-daughters are now getting to this age and I want them to wear this dress for a picture reminiscent of their aunt’s. Louise wanted to join in the fun so I indulged her!

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Dorothy R. Martin
Dorothy R. Martin
1 year ago

Lovely work, color scheme, etc. It’s important to share heritage with each generation, and this is a perfect way.

Sonja Eddie
Sonja Eddie
1 year ago

Helen, I’m Norwegian so I’m really enjoying your post. Your work is beautiful, and so is a Nordic heritage. I hope your granddaughters enjoy your daughter’s dress, and the stories you tell them.

1 year ago

Beautiful bunad. In Norway bunads are unique for each county/area.