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Eight-Year-Old Boy Designs A Quilt!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Judi French

Type of Quilt: Bed Quilt

Name of Pattern: Original Design

Featured Date: 5-31-23 

Hi, I’m Judi and grandson Logan and I made this quilt together. I quilted it on my Juki. 

It all started on my birthday when my daughter and grandsons took me to visit a quilt museum. After going through several rooms of quilts, Logan announced that “this was boring” but I convinced him to go through one more room which was filled with story quilts about how and from where people had come to live in Colorado. We all got excited trying to figure out what the quilts were telling us. Example: Statue of Liberty probably meant the maker came from New York. 

We were still talking about quilts as we had lunch and I asked Logan what he might put in a quilt to tell a story. We gave him a napkin and for the rest of the meal he was drawing his quilt. At 8yrs old, Logan’s napkin drawing was very hard to understand, so I asked him to go home and draw it in color on paper for me and I would try to make it for him. 

I was rather surprised the next week to see his amazing drawing and the project began. For 6 months we worked together, he gave me detailed instructions about car positioning, and I taught him to sew the green backgrounds. More than once he had me add or change things… see the car crashing and all of the people who represented his family and friends. 

This amazing young man even came to my quilt club to tell them the story of his quilt!!!  I was so proud and I was really challenged!

I graphed his picture into 12” blocks, then sewed it together and added all of the raw edge appliqué cars and other features. 
The car pattern is from Antoine Alexandra’s for Fons&Porter, “HAPPY QUILTS” my absolute favorite kid-themed quilt book. 

The green grasses were eight fabrics, cut into blocks and then cut again into diagonal shapes which Logan sewed together (his “not straight sewing” made the quilt all the more charming). 

The lake, above his head was sewn as a pocket for a fish on a string to be caught by his uncle. 

Thank you!

Judi French

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Debra Pontbriand
Debra Pontbriand
8 months ago

that is the coolest quilt

7 months ago

My three grandsons would love this!

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