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Dive Into the World of the Jelly Roll Race Quilt!

by Beth Cooper
A beautiful example of a Jelly Roll Race Quilt!

There’s something truly magical about the art of quilting. From selecting fabric to meticulously piecing together each block, quilting allows us to create beautiful, functional works of art. If you’re a quilting enthusiast or a beginner looking for an exciting project, let me introduce you to the Jelly Roll Race quilt pattern. Some of you may have already heard of it and some of you may have already made one, but they are so much fun to make, you’ll probably want to make another one!

Bursting with color and creativity, the Jelly Roll Race quilt offers endless fun and satisfaction as you watch your masterpiece come to life. Get ready to embark on a thrilling quilting adventure that will have you hooked from the very first stitch!

This pattern is perfect for quilters of all skill levels, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete novice. Its simplicity lies in using pre-cut fabric strips called Jelly Rolls, making it a fantastic project to dive into without worrying about cutting and measuring fabric. Jelly Rolls are sometimes called other cute names by different manufacturers, but no matter what they are called, it is a bundle of 2 1/2 x 42″ fabric strips. Click here to learn more about Jelly Rolls and other precuts.

This Brushy Metallic Jelly Roll by Wishwell for Robert Kaufman would make a beautiful and colorful Jelly Roll Race quilt! Find it here!
Want to whip up a fast quilt for the 4th of July? These Artisan Batiks, Liberty Roll-Up by Lunn for Robert Kaufman Fabrics would be perfect! These vibrant colors are perfect for a Jelly Roll Race! Find it here!

The Steps to Quilting Bliss (AKA Making a Jelly Roll Race!)

  1. Gather Your Materials: To start your Jelly Roll Race quilt, all you need is a jelly roll—a collection of 2.5-inch fabric strips—some coordinating thread, and a sewing machine. Choose a jelly roll with colors and patterns that inspire you; the vibrant variety is what gives this quilt its lively charm.
  2. Kickstart the Race: Unroll your jelly roll and sew the strips together end-to-end, creating one long strip. The order in which you sew the strips is entirely up to you, but generally if you sew them in the order they are packaged in, your colors will be evenly dispersed in your quilt. It will be fabulous! Don’t overthink the order of the strips.
  3. Sew, Sew, Sew, and Sew: Take the beginning and end of your strip and sew them together, right sides facing, to form a continuous loop. You will snip this circle and do it all over again. Watch the tutorial below and this will all make sense. 🙂 Keep sewing until your quilt reaches the desired length. This step is where the excitement builds as you witness your quilt growing at an astonishing pace.
  4. No Worries: As the quilt top takes shape, you don’t have to worry about perfectly matching seams or flawless alignments, because there are no seams to match! The beauty of the Jelly Roll Race quilt lies in its whimsical, random nature.
  5. Add Borders and Finishing Touches: Once you’ve completed the quilt top, some quilters like to add borders. These are not necessary. These quilts are adorable with or without borders! Finish your quilt by layering it with batting and backing fabric before quilting and binding it all together.
This tutorial of the Jelly Roll Race quilt by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. will show you
step-by-step how to make one. It’s so fun and easy!

Why Are Jelly Roll Races So Much Fun?

  1. Quick and Satisfying: The Jelly Roll Race quilt is known for its speed. In just a few hours, you can go from a stack of fabric strips to a completed quilt top. The swift pace adds an element of instant gratification, making it an exhilarating project for those who love to see tangible results.
  2. Endless Design Possibilities: With a wide variety of jelly rolls available in the market, the design possibilities for your Jelly Roll Race quilt are limitless. Whether you prefer a rainbow of colors, a coordinated theme, or an eclectic mix of patterns, you can let your imagination run wild. Every quilt is as unique as the person who creates it.
  3. Beginner-Friendly: If you’re new to quilting, the Jelly Roll Race pattern is an excellent starting point. The simplicity of sewing long strips together helps build your confidence while providing a stunning outcome.
There are variations of the Jelly Roll Race available too. This Jelly Roll Race III pattern is a ton of fun too! Shop for it and other variations by clicking here!

If you’re ready to start the Race, you can find the perfect Jelly Roll by shopping here. Our sister-site, Missouri Star Quilt Co. has a great selection of Jelly Rolls!

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