Home Inspiration Turn a Placemat Into a Beautiful Pillow!

Turn a Placemat Into a Beautiful Pillow!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Mary Beth Hurbanek from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Type of Project: Throw Pillow

Pattern: Original Design/No Pattern

Featured Date: 11-29-23

Hi, I’m Mary Beth. I am a slipcover seamstress and published magazine author for Threads. This project is a small throw pillow made from a placemat. My sewing concept for this project is called “Semi-Handmade Sewing”. This involves taking an ordinary Tapestry Fabric Placemat and turning it into an extraordinary pillow! 

When teaching beginner machine sewing, it is often overwhelming to have tasks that include how to read a sewing pattern and how much yardage of fabric to buy, plus determine the type of fabric needed based on the sewing pattern recommendation.  Beginner sewers want to SEW!  With my “Semi-Handmade Sewing” concept, just using a tapestry placemat takes most of the overwhelming tasks out of the sewing equation. And it is a manageable project for quick results.  

A “Blessed” tapestry placemat 16″ x 18″ size was used for the project.
Finished pillow

Besides the placemat, you will also need:

1 3/4 yards of  Twisted Trim With Lip Cording 5/8″

12″ x 16″ polyester stuffed lumbar pillow form

1/3 yard of Chenille Upholstery Fabric


Mary Beth

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2 months ago

Such a great idea. I’ve made chair covers, widow toppers and even table runners from placemats. They truly are a great starting point for a project.

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