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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

by Beth Cooper

“Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens… these are a few of my favorite things!” Let’s talk about favorite things today. I have a lot of favorites and I bet you do too.

My favorite food is probably anything chocolate and my favorite notion is the crockpot. (You can read how that helps me out in the sewing room, by reading this old blog post here.) My favorite tv show right now is The Gilded Age by Julian Fellows on Max. If you love Downton Abbey, you’ll love The Gilded Age! My favorite movie will forever be Clue from 1985 starring Tim Curry. And my favorite hobby (of all of my many hobbies!) is quilting. I prefer that over other types of sewing, although I know my way around a sewing machine and a serger, both.

My new favorite show. The gowns and historic costuming on this show is 10/10!!

Because I love quilting, I fell in love with this wool hook Quilter pillow. How absolutely adorable is this? I love home decor that reflects my personality and this one is perfect! It is a new arrival at Missouri Star Quilt Co. and is already in my shopping cart. This pillow will look great on the corner of my couch or in my sewing room in the chair I call “the visitor chair.” Great sewing deals are definitely one of my favorite things.

This wool hook pillow also comes in “Sewist,” which I love equally as much! Maybe I need both? lol.

While I was perusing the “new arrivals” on Missouri Star Quilt Co., I came across this Kaffe Fassett Tutto sewing machine case and I stopped in my tracks. Not dead in my tracks. But close. I picked my jaw up off the floor and tried to rationalize buying another Tutto sewing machine rolling machine carrier case. I already have one and it is the best thing since sliced bread! It is definitely one of my favorite things. If you haven’t heard of Tutto sewing machine cases/rolling carts/awesomeness, let me tell you. This is no ordinary carrier for your sewing machine. This one has wheels that glide effortlessly to your destination. I have a very large sewing machine that I adore and take with me to sewing retreats and group sew days, and it doesn’t bother me to transport a large machine because of Tutto. The Tutto sewing machine case is like comparing a brand new piece of today’s luggage with fancy swivel wheels that zooms along beside you at the airport to a big ‘ol leather suitcase with one handle from 1973. There’s really no comparison in which one is easier to tote around.

Anywho, now there is a Tutto sewing machine case inspired and designed by amazing fabric designer Kaffe Fassett! And it’s beautiful! And it is floral. And I love it. Swoon. How do I justify buying another sewing machine case when there’s nothing wrong with the old one?? (This one’s just way prettier!!)

Remember, there’s always a lot of fun things happening at Nancy’s Notions. Our Sampler Quilt Along is still going strong and you are invited to jump into it any time. You can read all about the Sampler here and find the free, (yes, I said FREE) quilt block patterns, as well. They are all super cute blocks that, not only look great in the Sampler, but would also look great all on their own in their very own quilt.

We also have weekly Sew & Tell and Quilt & Tell features that you can enter! Each week we pick one sewist and one quilter that gets the honor of showing off their latest and greatest sewing/quilting project! It’s sew much fun!! You can find out how to enter by clicking here!

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