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Sheryl’s First Garment Project and Wow!!

by Beth Cooper
Sheryl made the pants and the top to complete her outfit. So cute! And it’s her first clothing project! Way to go!

Sewist’s Name: Sheryl Peterson

Type of Project: Garments

Pattern: Summer Caye by Love Notions

Featured Date: 02-02-23

Hi! My name is Sheryl and this is my first clothing sewing project. The pattern is a Love Notions wide-leg pant. It’s called “Summer Caye.” I didn’t have a pattern for the top so I just made one, using a tank top that I already had. It was very challenging for me! However, I plan on making some more of these outfits because I just love it!



She used a pattern for the pants (Summer Caye) but made her own pattern for the top!
A closer look at the top.

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