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Oh, My Love Affair with Color Continues…

by Beth Cooper

What are “your colors?” Do you have color schemes that you are just drawn to every single time? I know I do. But I also know that my favorites change over time. It’s not something that happens overnight. It’s something that slowly changes over years.

From Fabric to Wall Colors…

Let me compare this change of favorites to the paint color in your living room. When you first painted it white, yellow, gray, blue, or whatever color it is, didn’t you just love that color?! Didn’t you think to yourself, “This is just the perfect color for this room! It matches everything so nicely!” Fast forward a few years (more or less) and now that color isn’t as perfect as you thought and you want to paint it another color? Well, I’m right there with you! I change the color of my living room walls every few years. (Right now I’m back to white walls, after years and years of painting it different shades of pastels and neutrals because I was sick of white. ha!)

I’m the same way with the colors of fabric I am drawn to and what I keep in my stash. Twenty-some years ago, I was obsessed with dark fall colors. The whole “fall” color scheme was my jam. I loved fall and everything about it! My quilts that I made with those fabric colors were beautiful! But I grew tired of them. Although I loved those colors, I found that I was also attracted to bright colors. Slowly, I bought less and less dark fabric and began buying and using bright colors. I had two little girls at the time and I bought lots of pinks and purples. I also loved to throw in a lot of black and white against those bright colors.

I made this Yellow Brick Road quilt probably about 20 years ago or longer. These fall colors were my favorite at the time! Although, I still like those colors, they are not my current favorite. This is still one of my favorite patterns though! It is super fun and easy!
It is by Atkinson Designs and you can find it on Missouri Star
Quilt Co.
, or by clicking here!

Scrappy and Loving It!

More time went by and fell in love with scrap quilts. Using up my stash of anything and everything was awesome. I threw it all together and created some beautiful scrap quilts. I was a-okay with the quilt not being in my favorite color schemes, because bits and pieces of those quilts were in there somewhere! I still love a scrappy quilt!

This Scrap Happy quilt is one of my very favorites!! I’ve written about it before but it just makes me so Scrap Happy! It’s folded in half in this picture but it is actually a Queen-size quilt. And I used up a ton of my stash in this thing! There are different versions but this is Scrap Happy featured in the October 2017 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.

Jewel Tones, Please

More years passed and today my favorite color scheme is rich jewel tones. I love love love reds, purples, teal, and gold together. As much as I love these colors, I now know that one day my heart will fall in love with something else. There seems to be a pattern with me and color.

This is my Monterrey Medallion quilt in jewel tone batiks. I love this picture of it blowing in the breeze. I pieced it but the talented Michele Anderson quilted it for me. The pattern, Monterrey Medallions, is also by Atkinson Designs and is available on their website. The nice thing about this pattern is that you can choose the easier version or the intermediate version.

What About You?

So, what about you? Are you like this with color choices? I am betting we all are, at least a little bit. Or maybe there are some of you who are die-hard color lovers and never waver! Let me know in the comments if your favorite color schemes ebb and flow, change completely, or always stay the same. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

‘Til next time,


P.S. Want to read more articles about color or color theory on Nancy’s Notions? Click here!

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Janet Dugan
Janet Dugan
11 months ago

This is fun! My color “crushes” have changed a little over the years, but mostly I’ve decided more colors are all my favorites. There are a few I never use, and probably never will, although I’m not proud of my prejudices.

Linda Holder
Linda Holder
11 months ago

My fabric and clothing trends are the same. I find that one color will just be my perfect match for months or even a few years. BUT I always come back to my two favorites–deep blue and burnished gold. I dislike pink for me, but after having 2 granddaughters, I had to cave!