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Nancy’s Spectacular Quilts Are Based on Books!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Nancy Bekofske from Detroit, Michigan

Type of Quilt: Quilts with Book Themes

Name of Pattern: Original Designs

Featured Date: 8-17-23

My name is Nancy Bekofske and I live in Metro Detroit. I made my first quilt in 1991. A few months later I saw an inspiring quilt show and set to develop the skills to make my own original quilts. I joined an old fashioned quilt group in 1991 and those ladies taught me everything. They made a quilt and sat around a quilt frame to quilt. It was sold and the proceeds went to charities.  I also make reproduction quilts and quilts using handkerchiefs and vintage fabrics.

I am also a lifelong reader and majored in English. I have had a blog about books and quilts since 2008 and began book reviewing as an influencer in 2014. I combine my two loves by making storybook quilts and quilts portraying writers. You can check out my blog at https://theliteratequilter.wordpress.com/
Thank you for the opportunity to share my quilts.

Nancy Bekofske

Great Gatsby Storybook Quilt
Pride and Prejudice Storybook Quilt
William Shakespeare
Edgar Allen Poe
Charles Dickens Quilt
Barbie Quilt
When Dreams Came True – Apollo 11

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