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An Easy Sewing Project for Beginners!

by Beth Cooper

Are you a beginner sewist eager to dive into the world of crafting and creating with fabrics? Are you looking for an easy sewing project that is perfect for a beginner? Have you ever heard of the Magic Pillowcase or the “burrito style” pillowcase? They are so fun and easy to make! This pattern is perfect for beginners!

The Magic Pillowcase

The Magic Pillowcase has become known as the “burrito style” pillowcase, because while you’re making it, you roll it into a “burrito.” You sew along the edge of the burrito and when you unroll your “burrito,” voila! You have a pillowcase! This project is perfect for beginners because it is pretty simple and straight-forward.

easy sewing project!
This Magic Pillowcase pattern can be purchased on Missouri Star Quilt Co., or by clicking here!
easy sewing project - the Zoe the Giraffe easy burrito pillowcase
How cute is this Magic Pillowcase?? This is actually a kit! You get the pattern and the fabric to make this adorable pillowcase. This Zoe the Giraffe Easy Burrito Pillowcase by the World of Susybee can be purchased by clicking here. She has other pillowcase designs available as well, and all of these kits are perfect for a beginner or seasoned sewist. Fast and easy! And, pssst… this kit is on sale this week with the coupon code from the Nancy’s Notions Newsletter! (Not getting the Newsletter? Sign up here!)
Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. shows you how to make a “burrito” style pillowcase,
also called “tube pillowcase” or “magic pillowcase.”

Remember, the key to successful sewing is patience and practice. This beginner project will help you build a solid foundation and boost your sewing confidence. You’ll gain some sewing skills and confidence that you can apply to more complex projects in the future. So, gather your materials, set up your sewing space, and enjoy the rewarding experience of creating a Magic Pillowcase!

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