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Home Sew & Tell Marie Makes a Beautiful Throw Pillow!

Marie Makes a Beautiful Throw Pillow!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Marie Flint from Danvers, Massachusetts

Type of Project: Throw Pillow

Pattern: Grandmother’s Fan

Featured Date: 03-06-24

Hi, my name is Marie Flint from Danvers, Massachusetts.  I have been sewing and quilting for years. I love quilted items and that means that quilting doesn’t have to be limited to blankets and throws.  I use quilting in just about every facet of home decor.  I wanted to share an example of a decorative pillow.  This is an 18 inch square pillow form.  I used all drapery-weight fabrics.  The main circle design was made using the Grandmother’s Fan quilt pattern.  Each quarter is a fan that was made using paper piecing techniques.  Then I put all four quarters together to form a circle.  Inside the circle, I did free-motion stipple quilting to add texture.  I outline quilted 1/4 inch outside of the fans.  Then I drew a stencil design in each corner and quilted these also.  Lastly I topped it off with a fabric-covered button tufted in the center.



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1 month ago

That is beautiful and colors so bright. Great quilting pattern to it too. It just all fits together perfectly