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Free Quilt Block Pattern! The Cross Country!

by Beth Cooper

Another week, another block! If you are participating in the Nancy’s Notions Sampler Quilt Along, Block 10 is here! Woot woot! This week’s free pattern is the Cross Country. This block is just as fun and just as easy as all the rest! Even if you’re not participating in the Quilt Along, this is a great pattern to print out and save for later. Or make an entire quilt out of this one block, just make 12 or more and you will be set. This block looks really good repeated in a quilt.

If you are just now learning about our Quilt Along and want to jump in, click here to read more and to find links to past blocks. You don’t have to sign up, you just have to start sewing! And the best part is that there is no deadline to finish. Work at your own pace! Each week for 20 weeks, we release a new block. And this week’s is a show-stopper! Love it!

Download or print the Cross Country pattern here!

This block looks amazing in black and white. This Solitaire Black Fat Quarter Bundle is perfect for adding some black into your Sampler. Find it by clicking here!
This 12 1/2″ square ruler by Quilter’s Select is perfect for squaring up all of your Sampler blocks. This ruler does not slide around and is easy to read! You can find it here.
This is an example of the Nancy’s Notions Sampler. The Cross Country block can be seen in the third row, far left. (Quilt by Cindy Valbert.)

Remember, we would love to see progress pictures of your Sampler! Send them in to inspiration@nancysnotions.com.

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Marian Murdoch
Marian Murdoch
2 months ago

It doesn’t appear as though the hyperlink for the pattern is attached in the text. Could you post it, please? I’m enjoying making the blocks and look forward to them each week! Thank you.

2 months ago

Is there a central location/email containing all the blocks to date; would be so much easier to keep track of all these blocks. Thanks!!

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