Home Inspiration Look At These Gorgeous Bags by Nancy!

Look At These Gorgeous Bags by Nancy!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Nancy Wyant-Barr from Robinson, Illinois

Type of Project: Bags

Pattern: Bagstock, Noodlehead, and Lavender & Twine

Featured Date: 01-10-24

Hi, I’m Nancy! I started sewing when I was in 4th grade making clothes for my Trolls and selling them for a quarter.  My mother was our family seamstress so I had a great teacher and started making my own clothes when i was in Jr High.  So it seems I have sewn all of my life.  I bought a nice machine in 2013 with the hopes of quilting and ended up being a bag maker first!  I do quilt but bag-making is my love!  I have taught many classes in quilt shops and in my home and it is always fun to see people get excited that they can actually make a purse!  My goal is always to make it NOT look handmade!  I love using quality cork, faux leather and recently even used corduroy (who knew that would have a comeback?)!  Here are a few pictures of some of my most recent makes.


Nancy Wyant-Barr

The Plumeria Shoulder Bag is from Bagstock. It is made from Plaid
Cork and Mora Vinyl. Super pattern with great instructions!
The wallet is the Minimalist Wallet from Noodlehead, which is one of
my favorite wallets to make and to carry!
Meet the Vadon Bag from Lavender & Twine… her newest pattern.
Talk about detail! Her patterns include QR Codes for each step and
Erica explains and shows every single step! I would say it is for the
more advanced Bag Maker. My bag is made from Leopard Print
Cork from SewManyCreations, and Rex Vinyl from Emmaline Bags as
well as the Hardware.
This is the Oxbow in the Overnight Size. The pattern comes in two
sizes – the other is a smaller size. This is the newest pattern from
Anna @ Noodlehead. What a great pattern and instructions! This
bag is made from Mora Vinyl from Emmaline Bags.
Last but not least is the Compass Bag, an all time favorite from
Noodlehead. This pattern comes in two sizes (this is the larger size)
and is just an all around great bag to make and to carry! I decided to
make some bags out of Corduroy and they are just beautiful!

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Alma Ott
Alma Ott
1 month ago

The handbags are beautiful. Can I purchase them? If so, how?

1 month ago

All the bags are beautiful- but I agree the corduroy one- who knew? The color choices are perfect and the details are great too.

Linda Contois
Linda Contois
1 month ago

Nancy Zeiman was the absolute best! Also started sewing at a young age. Taught by my Mom. I then taught myself how to machine quilt
Of course having Home Economics in Junior & Senior high school helped. That should be available still. My sons took it in Middle School & we able to teach their children

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