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Karen’s Scrappy Quilt is Beautiful!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Karen Lebacqz

Type of Quilt: Pieced Quilt

Name of Pattern: 16 Patch/Original Design

Featured Date: 9-27-23

Good morning! My name is Karen Lebacqz (pronounced le-BAX). I am an ordained minister and a retired professor and I now spend a lot of time quilting. Eighteen months ago, I took on the task of making over 100 small pillowcases every month for the heart surgery patients at Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento, CA. Cutting the fabric for the pillowcases always left me with a few small strips. Adding some white and putting the strips together in pleasing combinations gave me the basis for this queen bed quilt. There are over 1100 small squares in the center alone! When I lived on the north coast of California, I belonged to the Ocean Wave Quilters of Fort Bragg, and I won several awards for free motion quilting, so I added some fancy free motion quilting to the large strip of white on the border. People ask me how many hours went into this quilt, and I honestly couldn’t say, but all quilters know that ours is a time-consuming hobby and a labor of love!

Thank you!


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Linda Hamilton
Linda Hamilton
6 months ago

Karen, your scrappy quilt is beautiful. Would you mind telling me what size you cut all those small squares? Thanks, and a happy day to you from Nova Scotia, Canada