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Hedgehog Pincushions So Cute, You’ll Want to Make One Too!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Kim Lara from San Luis Obispo, California

Type of Project: Hedgehog Pincushion

Pattern: Original Design

Featured Date: 9-27-23

Hello, my name is Kim Lara.  Once a upon a time I made a pincushion for my daughter, then she wanted another one “for her husband”.  Then she wanted some to include at a seasonal pop-up store.  I have made a couple dozen of these guys.  They seem to be very well received, but they are NOT a quick project.  I would like to share my Hedgehog pattern with other sewers, creators and makers.  

These charming little hedgehogs can be made from “scraps” or up-cycled clothing.  I use beads and buttons I have on hand for embellishment – the girl has a flower button in her hair, the boy has a bead or button at the neck as well as eye glasses formed from jewelry wire or a paper clip will work.  I used wool yarn to sew the loops of hair.

These pincushions are sewn from wool or wool blend fabrics, cotton flannel on the front. Other kinds of woven fabrics would also work.  A picture of my hand-drawn pattern gives the scale for replication.  Sew with  1/8” seam allowance.  Carefully clip curves and inside corners.  Run a zig-zag stitch around the bottom edge of body.

Stuff the head and paws with cotton or polyester or kapok stuffing.  Fill the body with crushed walnut shell (such a timesaver!)  Cut a circle of fabric to cover bottom opening.  Hand sew a long running stitch around the bottom edge, insert a thin layer of stuffing to keep the walnut shell contained.  Lay fabric circle over the stuffing and draw up running stitch to close up bottom opening.  Tie off.

With a yarn needle sew on yarn hair.  I sewed on black beads for the eyes and nose.   The ears and feet were cut from some scraps of thin leather, but anything that wouldn’t fray should work.   Glue (not hot glue) hedgehog onto a wood base.  Now stick pins in the hedgehog. Embellish your hedgehog as you wish.

My first hedgehog was made from a boiled wool sweater – cute but too stretchy. The stuffing wouldn’t pack tight enough.



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Sherry T.
Sherry T.
2 months ago

OMG, that is about the cutest thing I have seen. Thank you for sharing!!!

Roos Mom
Roos Mom
2 months ago

Love ‘em. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Phillips
Debbie Phillips
2 months ago

Is there a way to purchase the hedgehog pin cushion pattern, o love this

1 month ago

They truly are the cutest pin cushions I’ve ever seen!

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