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Glenda’s Zippered Pouches Are Cute & Practical!

by Beth Cooper
Glenda’s adorable and handy pouches

Sewist’s Name: Glenda Marsh from Glen Rose, Texas

Type of Project: Bags

Pattern: Pam Mahshie’s Serger Pouch

Featured Date: 02-16-23

Hi, I’m Glenda and these bags are based on Pam Mahshie’s Serger Pouch tutorial. I made with pre-made zippered pouches. I ordered the kit and the pattern. Then, I just followed along with Pam’s video demonstration and tutorial. These three bags were created on my Triumph serger and will be used for gifts.   I just love, love, love what a serger can do! This was a great tutorial!

When I made the pouch from my kit, I made two more at that time. I’m attaching the second one (pictured above) , as I had some left over Hoffmann Fabric challenge material, which was created with Heat ‘n Shrink. I thought it was a perfect center.  I ordered two dozen of these pouches from Amazon and then split them with a friend!  Because this is such a great project using so many serger techniques, I had to make more! (They make great gifts!)  Pam Mahshie is one of my favorite instructors and even though she demo’ed on a Bernina, I was able to transfer the info to using my BabyLock Triumph.  I’d encourage everyone with a serger to try this project!

TIP:  It’s easier and smarter to cut out more than one at a time and stitch each technique on each respective piece while your serger is set up for that particular technique.

Thank you for picking my projects & letting me share!!

Glenda Marsh

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