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Frani Makes a Robe From a Tapestry!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Frani Boberg from Farmville, North Carolina

Type of Project: Robe

Pattern: Simplicity 7141

Featured Date: 7-13-23

I’m Frani Boberg from Farmville, NC.  This is a “hippy tapestry” turned robe for my son.  I am inspired by color and choose to work with these wonderful cotton tapestries to construct apparel.  The shawl collar, front trim, belt, cuffs and pocket trim are a deep marbled cotton fabric.

My son actually chose the tapestry as one of his daughters loves elephants and they are depicted in the pattern.  The robe pattern is a medium Simplicity 7141.

I love the challenge of placing the pattern pieces to get the maximum use of the fabric.  Often times there isn’t enough border for a collar and trim so I accent with a complimentary solid. Hope you enjoy another piece of my work. 

Thank you.


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