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Diana’s Original Quilt Design is Beautiful!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Diana McDonough from Cincinnati, Ohio

Type of Quilt: Bed Quilt

Name of Pattern: Original Design

Featured Date: 7-20-23

Hi, I’m Diana. My quilt that I want to talk about is the second one I ever designed, which was actually created when I was still a VERY green quilter, and had only ever made two quilts!!   The first one I designed was a bunch of random 4-patches set on point and I left all the points…pointy, so I was clearly a rebel from the start.

When I set to designing this quilt, I tried to imagine all the blocks flying apart.  Since the design involved a whole slew of y-seams, I’m quite certain it was well beyond my skill level at that time, but eventually I had enough “tools in the toolbox” to tackle it.  

I actually had different fabric selected for it and it was on a back burner when our guild came up with a “cheerful challenge” in which the colors of the quilt had to be cheerful.  The quilt also had to show motion, either in the design or in the quilting.  I immediately thought of this design, but the fabric I had chosen didn’t fit the parameters.  I finally caved and got different fabric and dug in.

Flying Pinwheels is 82×82.

Thanks! Diana


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