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Beth’s Top 3 Favorite Quilt Patterns

So Fun to Make Over & Over Again!

by Beth Cooper

Hey there, friends! Raise your hand if you ever make the same quilt pattern more than once. Yep! Me too!! Like many of you, one of my favorite things to do during cold weather is to sew.  Surprised?  Ha! Probably not.  It is the perfect time of year to hunker down and get those projects in the sewing room finished.  I find that I keep coming back and repeating some of my favorite patterns.

There are some patterns that are just so fun, I want to make them over and over.  (I will add that the majority of patterns that I make I’m happy to have just completed them one time and don’t have the desire to repeat them, but… some of them are just too much fun to do and I just keep making them!)  I’m going to introduce you to my top three favorite patterns EVER!!

The Christmas Tree Quilt

My Christmas Tree Friendship Quilt

The Christmas Tree Pattern (AKA Patchwork Forest Tree Quilt Block) – I have lost count of how many of these Christmas tree quilts I have finished.  I keep making them and giving them as gifts.  They are so fun and the best part is that it is a great way to use up scraps.  And the other best part is that they are soooo easy.  And it’s super fast.  And there are no rules.  And everyone loves them.  And there are just so many things I love about this pattern! 

Amy Smart from Diary of a Quilter shows her Patchwork Forest

There are a few variations out there but I always refer to this tutorial by Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter. She does a great job explaining how to make the Patchwork Forest Tree Quilt Block.  She also has step-by-step instructions to accompany the tutorial on her website. I’m telling you, you’re going to LOVE this pattern!  And you still have time to make one or two before Christmas. 

I have seen this quilt done in traditional Christmas colors and also in a variety of other colors.  One gal made one in pinks, purples, and bright scrap fabric that was not even Christmas fabric.  It was adorable!  The first year I made this quilt, three friends and I did a block swap.  We each made 88 blocks, but then gave 22 of our own blocks to each person in the group.  So, I kept 22 of my blocks and received 22 blocks from each of the other three ladies. Altogether, I had 88 blocks again but they were all a beautiful array of fabrics and we all ended up with a very scrappy and eye-catching quilt.  It’s my favorite one I’ve ever made because it represents those friendships. 

This particular quilt can usually be found draped across our couch or wrapped around a pretty cute 11-year-old boy with my eyes. 

Easy Half Hexagon Quilt

Next up on my list of favorite quilt patterns is the Half Hexagon Quilt.  This quilt is another great scrap-buster (can you tell I’m all about using up my scraps?).  I have also lost count of how many of these I have made.  I’ve made a few out of layer cakes too and they turn out gorgeous.  Honestly, just use whatever you have on hand to throw one of these together. 

This quilt may look difficult and you may be thinking that it contains difficult y-seams. Guess what? It doesn’t! The hexis are an illusion! All the seams in the quilt are straight seams.

Don’t forget to throw in some contrasting fabric – I like to use a variety of darks and lights.  I can make one of these quilts in a day or two but that is because I do not plan where each color will fall.  If you’re a planner and can’t just go with random placement, this quilt will take you longer to complete.  Seriously though, do not overthink this quilt!  In the video, Jenny mentions that you might want to plan this quilt out. It’s totally up to you, but I say just wing it! It always turns out beautiful for me.

Missouri Star Quilt Company gives the best instructions and you can check out Jenny’s tutorial here. For this pattern, you do need a template. You can always make one yourself out of cardboard, but the MSQC template ruler works perfectly and will last forever. You can find the template and the pattern here.

A great tutorial on how to make the half hexi quilt.

I have two tips for this quilt: 1. Always keep two piles of fabric next to you – the pile of halves that you are currently sewing into a row and a pile with the halves that will be in your next row. 2. Whack the pointy edges off of the quilt, instead of fitting in triangles along the edges. (This will all make sense once you start the quilt.) Trust me, you’ll have a lot of fun with this one!

The Pinwheel Quilt

And here is my number three most favorite and repeated quilt pattern.  Drumroll please… The Pinwheel!  I always use this tutorial from Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I know I mentioned this pattern last week for a quick Christmas gift idea because it is just so easy and so fast!  The step that takes me the longest is squaring up my blocks.  The cutting and the sewing go fast!

My teenage daughter sewing her binding onto her pinwheel quilt she made her
Freshman year in her high school colors.

In her tutorial, Jenny uses a charm pack.  I like to use a layer cake and end up with much bigger blocks.  This pattern is so easy that my teenage daughters can also easily whip one of these quilts up.  I also add sashing to the pattern but you definitely wouldn’t need to – either way looks cute. 

Jenny’s Fast & Easy Pinwheels

You can go scrappy with these pinwheels or use those precuts that you have been saving for the perfect quilt.  I like to buy yardage to use as my neutral color and then either use scraps or precuts for the colors in the quilt.  You can make as many or as few of these blocks as you like.

I typically make a twin-sized Pinwheel quilt and I make 35 blocks and lay them out 5×7. I also add 2 1/2″ sashing and cornerstones.

My Black and White Pinwheel

And there you have it – those are my top three favorite and repeatable quilt patterns of all time.  You’ll have a ball making these.  I promise!

We would love to see your favorite quilt patterns! Share them with us at inspiration@nancysnotions.com. We may choose your project to be featured on Quilt & Tell! Find out how to submit your project here.

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Linda Pucillo
Linda Pucillo
1 year ago

Great ideas. The larger blocks definitely help to make these quilts a lot quicker to make. Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

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