Home Inspiration A Mini Quilt With A Special Story!

A Mini Quilt With A Special Story!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Lois B. from Indiana

Type of Quilt: Mini Quilt

Name of Pattern: Unknown

Featured Date: 02-7-24

Hi, I’m Lois. I want to share something lovely my mother made.  So, I know, that means I shouldn’t be the one sharing it, because I didn’t make it; she did.  But if I don’t share it no one will.

My mother, Marjorie A., raised six children on a chicken farm in upstate New York.  She sewed clothing for herself and for us and for our children over the course of many decades.  But the quilting bug bit her between two and three decades ago, and she caught it hard!  I live several states away, in Indiana, so I couldn’t always see what she was making—or planning to make—though she sometimes shared pictures of the results.

Mom died in September, 2020, several months after serious falls and resulting injuries put her into the hospital and then rehab facilities.  She left home one night for the Emergency Room, and was never able to return.  As I discovered when I started going through and cleaning up her sewing room, there were many, many projects in the planning stages.  But one, small finished project caught my eye, and with Dad’s permission, it came home with me.  

It’s about the size of a large pot-holder, but I don’t think that was her intent.  I think it’s a tiny wall-hanging.  I don’t know where she got the pattern, or the beautiful fabric to make it, but all of it is so beautiful: a manger, the Baby, and a big star amongst all the other stars.  

However, on the back she pinned two small, plastic hooks together up near the top.  Maybe they were meant to help hang it, but I don’t know quite how.  I found another half-dozen or so more such hooks in her little portable sewing kit.  If this is a thing that others have done, please share!  I would like to know for myself, and for this little treasure. It would be greatly appreciated.


Lois B.

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19 days ago

Lois, the hooks look like repurposed hanging hooks from socks etc. when they are on display in the store. Such a clever way to reuse them!

Christie Streelman
Christie Streelman
19 days ago

Yes – I agree that these look like store hooks to hang things but a great way to repurpose!!
You dear Mother’s little quilt is so precious! So glad you were able to rescue her projects! Such special treasures!

19 days ago

This is so beautiful!! And a wonderful way to remind you of your mother!!!

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