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This Family Tree Quilt is Amazing!

by Beth Cooper

Quilter’s Name: Michele Roberge from Brighton, Michigan

Type of Quilt: Applique

Name of Pattern: Original Design

Featured Date: 01-24-24

My name is Michele Roberge and I moved to Brighton, Michigan after living in California for forty years.
About twelve years ago, I started to investigate my family’s genealogy and discovered hundreds of ancestors and some fascinating stories going back to the 1500’s. I wanted to somehow honor these men and women, and, as I love to quilt, decided to make a family tree quilt.
Luckily I bought a lot of fabric because it became pretty big (78” high by 135” wide).
I used Pigma pens to write each ancestor’s name, dates, and place of birth (if possible) on a leaf, and appliquéd them onto the branches. I also noted the eight grandmothers who were “Filles du Roi”, as they were fierce!
Then I hand-quilted it.
The base of the tree has room for the next generation, and I enjoy adding them on with each marriage and birth.



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