Home Inspiration These T-Shirt Dresses are Adorable!

These T-Shirt Dresses are Adorable!

by Beth Cooper

Sewist’s Name: Georgine Hartenfels from New Bern, North Carolina

Type of Project: Garments

Pattern: Original Design

Featured Date: 6-8-23

My name is Georgine Hartenfels and I’m 68 years old. I make T-Shirt dresses using purchased shirts and I sew novelty fabric to the bottom.  I donate these dresses to shelters in the hopes of putting a smile on a little girls face who might be in an unfortunate situation.  I started doing this after my father died because all my dad ever wanted to do was put a smile on peoples faces. I get the fabrics from my travels to different fabric stores.

I started about 10 years ago using a free pattern found in the sales brochure of Joann’s. I made one for my granddaughter.  I decided then to make this dress for little girls to put a smile on their face, little girls who were in an unfortunate situation.  I started using novelty fabrics that I thought little girls would love. I also wanted to create more ruffle so I use the full width of the fabric, 44”. I also cut the fabric to 9 or 11 inches deep depending on what size I’m making. I also decided to make a bigger and more rounded pocket and put it up front to add to the cuteness.  Occasionally I sew a little bow onto the sleeve.

Georgine Hartenfels


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8 months ago

Thanks Georgine for sharing your story helping others in need. The shirt dress is adorable, I can’t wait to make one for my granddaughter. I appreciate you including the pattern.

Mary Ellen Unsworth
Mary Ellen Unsworth
8 months ago

Did you use a serger

Diana Stockwell
Diana Stockwell
8 months ago

I love this so much! Thanks for sharing! What a wonderful smile project!

8 months ago

Thank you, Georgina!

I love the t-shirt dress! I will be making many for my granddaughter! I volunteer at a thrift store so I can get t-shirts and fabric quite economically. I already make quilts to donate, your post has given me the idea to make and donate these sweet dresses. Thank you, also, for including a pic of the pattern!

7 months ago

I’m happy to find this article – I have been looking for an easy economical pattern to make dresses for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.

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