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Quilting Basics: Easy and Fun!

by Beth Cooper

It’s back-to-basics this week at Nancy’s Notions! Have you ever wanted to just make a very basic, very simple quilt? Let’s talk about a simple pattern and a simple color scheme.

Black and White Fabrics

It doesn’t really get much simpler or basic than using only black and white fabric for your quilt. It’s so classy, yet simple! Use solid black fabric or solid white fabric and presto! Use have a beautiful color scheme for your quilt. However, you can always spice it up a bit by using black and white prints, instead of solids, or you can even throw in a pop of color (like red!) in with the black and white fabric. If you’re tired of overthinking color schemes, switch over to black and white. You won’t be sorry. (Pssst. American Made solid black and white fabrics are on sale this week with the coupon from the Nancy’s Notions Newsletter!)

This Starburst quilt looks complicated but is simpler than it looks! It’s made up of many half-square triangles!
Find the pattern here!
This Disappearing Hourglass pattern is stunning in black and white! Find the pattern here.

The Nine Patch

If you’re looking for a simple but beautiful pattern – look no further than just sewing squares together! The Nine Patch never fails. It can be accomplished in multiple block sizes. It can be random color placement or planned color-placement. It looks phenomenal in black and white – or any color scheme! Check out the tutorial below.

Follow along with Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Co. to learn how to do a simple Nine Patch!
This quilt is an example of a nine-patch quilt made in the 1930’s. So easy, yet so beautiful!

Have fun getting back to the basics of quilting! Like this article and want to read more Quilting 101 articles from Nancy’s Notions? Click here!

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