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The Best Nest Organizer Basket

So Handy and Easy to Make!

by Beth Cooper

The Best Nest Organizer Basket is the perfect way to be organized and decorate a space all at the same time.  It is functional and super cute!  This hanging organizer is spacious and allows room for several larger items or many smaller items.  It’s also perfect to grab on the go and take along with you. 

Choosing fabric for this organizer basket is hard to do though!  It’s adorable in every color! Click here for a fabric line similar to the original pictured.  It will turn out to be a stunning addition to your room in any color or print that you choose. 

This free Best Nest Organizer pattern can easily be saved or printed. It is a fun and easy project. Happy sewing!

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1 year ago

What a cute way to store individual projects! I really like the botanical fabric on the organizer in the upper picture. Do you have the name of that fabric, or the designer?

Shirley J Lynn
Shirley J Lynn
1 year ago

I made this today but I didn’t think that it was an easy project. I’ve been sewing for over 50 years and didn’t think that the directions were clear. Also thought that for a knitting baf, it should be bigger.

11 months ago

Bonjour , merci pour le patron .Je vais le faire pour ma fille

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