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The Crisscross Apron Pattern

Possibly the World's Perfect Apron

by Beth Cooper

Who doesn’t need an apron, right?  They aren’t just for the kitchen.  They are also perfect for the sewing room.  And for scrubbing bathrooms.  And for any other messy job around the house.  There are sooo many uses!  No wonder our grandmothers and great-grandmothers (and probably so many descendants since forever ago) all wore aprons.  It’s unfortunate that more people in today’s world don’t take advantage of a good apron.  Aprons are functional, purposeful, and they can look pretty cute too.

The Crisscross Apron is a very easy and very fast apron to make.  It was featured on Nancy’s Notions years ago and has been a hit ever since.  The pattern is by Mary Mulari and is available on her website.  This apron is lightweight and has no ties or strings, which makes it so comfortable to wear.  It doesn’t pull on your neck or ride up on your waist.  It just lays so smoothly.  And the best part?  It has pockets!  (P.S. Aprons without pockets should be illegal.) 

Have fun choosing which fabric to use to make one of these aprons.  It may be hard to choose and you might just end up with one in every color!  A Thanksgiving apron?  Yes!  A Christmas apron?  Absolutely!  A floral apron?  You betcha!  What about a fun novelty fabric? Any fabric choice you decide on is going to work for this pattern. 

Check out the original Youtube video from Nancy’s Notions below.  Kate does a great job explaining the pattern and showing you how to make the Crisscross Apron Pattern.  It goes together very quickly.

You’re going to love making this apron and we would love to see your finished aprons! Send us a picture to inspire other sewists at inspiration@nancysnotions.com.

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5 months ago

What a great tradition to celebrate… sewing, baking, sharing —perfect for the day of Giving Thanks! Tie One On!

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