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Super Easy Christmas Gift Ideas

You Still Have Time to Make These!

by Beth Cooper

‘Twas the Night Before December. And all through the house, not a creature was stirring. Except for Mama in the sewing room…

The bobbin is empty.  The floor is littered with fabric scraps, selvedge edges, and snipped thread. The wireless earbuds have dead batteries after hours of podcasts. The sewing machine seems to be whispering, “Girl, go to bed, already!” But she can’t go to bed.  She has too much to do. She is me.

Homemade Gifts are Gifts from the Heart

‘Tis the season to make homemade Christmas gifts. I love giving and receiving homemade gifts – especially ones that have been sewn. The only problem is that I don’t have enough hours in the day to make all the things I want to make!  Do any of you have that same problem? I can see your hands raised now.

Months ago, I picked out some quick and easy gifts to make as Christmas gifts this year. I was way ahead of the game! I planned, I shopped for the supplies, I sewed. But life happened. Things got in the way and projects got pushed back. So, here I am three weeks before Christmas still sewing.

But that is all A-OK because these gift ideas are so quick and easy! You will want to make them too!

Three Easy, Fast, & Merry Projects

  1. First up on my list is a few of these adorable Christmas stockings. They go together so quickly that I should have no problem whipping them up in one evening. The only problem will be that sometimes I get carried away and sew twice as many as I actually need!  Check out the tutorial below. This fabric line by Michel Design Works for Northcott is going to be perfect for stockings! Vintage santas? Yes, please.

There’s a special young woman on my Christmas list who is going to love hanging these stockings in her new home.

2. I’m going to thank my friend Kathy for this next project. She brought me one of these sweet little ornaments and dropped it off at my house last week. These little trees are absolutely adorable and so easy to make. I think I’ll make a hundred of them! Just kidding. Sort of. This is a perfect project to do with kids and it is a fantastic way to eat up all of those Christmas fabric scraps that you have in your sewing room. (Hush! Don’t pretend you don’t!)

Here is a wonderful tutorial from Shabby Fabrics on how to make these adorable Christmas tree ornaments.

3. The next easy-peasy lemon squeezy Christmas project is not necessarily “Christmas,” per se. I’m just making it Christmas-related, by using Christmas fabrics. This quilt pattern is just a simple pinwheel quilt and I always use Jenny Doan’s super easy tutorial to make it. In the video, Jenny uses a charm pack to make her pinwheels. I like to use a layer cake. I end up with big and beautiful pinwheels. You can choose which size pinwheels you like best. This is not a project I can make in one night but it definitely goes together very quickly and I can have done in time for Christmas.

Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company shows a very easy way to make pinwheels.

And now ladies and gents, I must get back to my sewing and I’ll be singing… “She’s making a list and checking it twice.  Gonna stay up and sew all night…” 

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1 year ago

Where do I find the Layered Christmas tree ornament PDF?

1 year ago
Reply to  Barbara


Here’s a link that was mentioned in the video above……..

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Thanx for a wonderful, informative newsletter remembering beloved Nancy!

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