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QuiltingTutorials.Com – A Wonderful Website!

by Beth Cooper

Hey all you quilters out there! Don’t you just love a good quilting tutorial? Who doesn’t, right? Video tutorials are certainly a wonderful example of technology and progress. Back in the day, you couldn’t just pull up a YouTube video to learn how to sew perfect binding. If you wanted perfect binding, you had to teach yourself by trial and error (ugh!) or go down the street to Carol’s house and have her show you. Why do women named Carol always have perfect binding on their quilts? lol! But anyway, you get the point. Video tutorials are awesome!

Have you ever visited It is an amazing resource for anyone who is looking for a great sewing or quilting tutorial! This website is a one-stop shop full of amazing tutorials and they are all F-R-E-E, and that spells free. (Quilting Tutorials dot com, baby.) The website is also available as an app, if you prefer that on your phone or iPad.

Jenny Doan and her Irish Chain tutorial – Find it here!

Quilting Tutorials features all of the tutorials from Jenny Doan at Missouri Star Quilt Co., but you can find a variety of teachers on there – Mary Fons, Edyta Sitar, Amy Barickman, and so many more! You can find all of the Triple Play videos there, featuring Misty Doan, Jenny Doan, and Natalie Earnheart. The Triple Play videos are so fun and cover how to make so many beautiful quilts! You can also find the At Home with Misty series, featuring Misty Doan. She shows you how to make everything from throw pillows to bags.

One of the At Home with Misty Tutorials – the Anytime Topper! Find it here.

Another great series that you can find on Quilting Tutorials is the Quilting 101 series with Natalie Earnheart. This is perfect for beginner quilters who want to learn the fundamentals or for anyone who needs a refresher course on the fundamentals. She’s got you covered!

Incredible Search Options!

The best part about is the ability to search for a tutorial by not only the teacher or the quilt pattern, but you can also search by what size of precuts you have on hand. Got a layer cake and don’t know what to make with it? Just search by layer cake and it will bring up a ton of patterns perfect for a layer cake. Got a charm pack and don’t know what to do with it? Search under charm pack and it will give you a ton of ideas! There is a heading at the top of the page titled “Fabric Cut.” Click on that and a drop-down menu will show you lots of options for precuts and fabric. If you are looking for layer cake patterns, click on layer cake. Charm pack patterns, click on charm pack, etc. It is so incredibly handy!

Looking for some new precuts for your next tutorial? These 5″ Isobel squares from Windham are just gorgeous! Those blues!!
You can find them here (and hey, they are 25% off with
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Another heading at the top of the home page is “Theme.” Looking for a holiday quilt tutorial? It’s there! Looking for Civil War quilt tutorials? It’s there too! Just click on Civil War and it will show you so many quilts made from Civil War reproduction fabrics. There are a bunch of themes to choose from!

You can even search for tutorials based on skill level. Are you a beginner and want a very simple tutorial? Just narrow it down by clicking on beginner quilts. Same thing goes if you are a more advanced quilter and only want to see advanced quilt tutorials. YouTube does not offer these options and that is one of the many reasons why Quilting Tutorials is amazing.

Every good tutorial deserves beautiful thread!
Find this collection here! (Pssst. It’s on sale too
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So, quilters, if you haven’t checked out Quilting Tutorials yet, you totally need to! You’re gonna love it!

Want to make the Wonky Log Cabin? Find the tutorial here! You can buy the pattern here.

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