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Want to Sew Your Own Bag?

by Beth Cooper

“Summer lovin’, had me a bag. Summer lovin’, I made it so fast!…” Okay, so that may not be how the song goes from Grease, but it definitely sounds just as good! So, do you love to sew bags? Well, today is your lucky day, because Sallie Tomato has some gorgeous new bag patterns! (Soooo pretty!! And functional. And fun to make. And perfect. You get the idea.)

Purses and bags are fun to make but can be tricky. You know what makes it easier? A tutorial!! Jessica Barerra of Sallie Tomato just released four new patterns and tutorials on Missouri Star Quilt Co. This summer travel bag series contains four bags that are not only super cute, but extremely functional when it comes to traveling. Want all the deets? Here ya go!

The Hamilton

The Hamilton is a large satchel that would be perfect for packing up to take on a road trip. Oh, you’re going to a quilt retreat? Well, it would be perfect for that, too! It has plenty of space, sturdy handles, and even has a removable shoulder strap. You’re going to want to make this bag. Did I mention that there are even kits available to buy? Find the pattern, tutorials, kits, and supplies all right here. You’re welcome!

This bag is perfect for a weekend getaway or as a gift for that college student in your life. Find the supplies and tutorial by clicking here!
Want to watch the tutorial? Find it here!

The Traveler Crossbody

This sleek crossbody purse is lightweight and adorable. It is made with faux leather and cork. (Want to read more about sewing with cork? Click here.) This bag features a secure pocket to keep your money and documents safe. The size of this bag is fantastic for traveling – not too big, not too small! Find the tutorial, pattern, supplies, and the kit here.

This bag is perfect for small day trips and running errands! Find the pattern, kit, supplies, and tutorial on Missouri Star or by clicking here!
The Traveler Crossbody. Totally adorbs! Swoon.
The Traveler Bag Tutorial can be found by clicking here.

The Bette Makeup Bag

Hold my Maybelline, darling! This bag is gorgeous! It is such a great makeup bag. And yes, it would be great for traveling, but even if you stay home and never go anywhere it would still be a great bag! (Except you might be sad that no one ever gets to see your super cute makeup bag!) Want to make this one? Find the tutorial, pattern, supplies, and kit here.

This makeup bag even has compartments. Ooh-la-la! Find the pattern here.
Find the tutorial, supplies, pattern, and even kits by clicking here!

The Jenny Crossbody Bag

This style of bag is hot, hot, hot right now! Everybody’s wearing them, except this one didn’t come from a high-end store full of young people, it comes from your own sewing room! It is a great size and is gorgeous. The Jenny bag is perfect for hands-free, everyday use. This one-shoulder backpack can be worn to the front or back and has an outer zippered pocket for your essentials.  You’re going to love it! Find the tutorial, kit, and supplies all right here.

This Jenny Bag is so in style, adorable, and functional!
Find the supplies, kit, and tutorial by clicking here.
This tutorial is so fun! Click here to watch!

If you love these, remember you can find even more tutorials from Jessica Barerra from Sallie Tomato on QuiltingTutorials.com! (In fact, you can find tons of sewing tutorials there!)

What are you waiting for? Jump in on the summer fun and make you a bag! The only problem you will have is deciding which one to make first!

(Pssst. After you make one, we want to see it! Send it in to Sew & Tell on Nancy’s Notions!)

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8 months ago

I wish the Invisible Thread article had included some tips, such do you use it in the bobbin as well? Do you wind the bobbin any differently than regular thread? If the thread is prone to tangling, what are tips for preventing the tangles?

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