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Quilt Kits: Beauty and Convenience in a Box!

by Beth Cooper

Quilt kits offer a convenient and hassle-free way for both beginners and experienced quilters to enjoy quilting. These kits come complete with all the fabric you need for your project, carefully curated to ensure the perfect color palette for the pattern. Gone are the days of agonizing over fabric choices and fretting about whether your colors will complement each other! With a quilt kit, everything is expertly selected for you, allowing you to dive straight into the creative process.

Do you feel like you struggle with color theory? Are you unsure about picking out coordinating fabric for your quilt? Then a quilt kit is definitely for you! The hard work of choosing colors, shades, accents, etc has already been done for you. All you have to do is dive right into the cutting and piecing!

You don’t have to worry about prickles when you make this soft Prickly Pears quilt! The Whirligig Designs quilt by Chris Hoover is foundation paper pieced. The kit contains the pattern and fabrics for the quilt top and binding from the English Lavender Batiks collection by Kathy Engle for Island Batiks. This pattern is gorgeous! You can find the kit on Missouri Star Quilt Co. or click here!

Most, but not all, quilt kits include the pattern. It’s always a good idea to double-check that the pattern is included. Sometimes, it is sold separately. (Again, this is rare.) Whether you’re drawn to traditional quilt kits, baby quilt kits, modern quilt kits, or any other type, there’s a quilt kit out there to suit your style and preferences. The included pattern provides clear instructions and guidance, making it ideal for quilters of all skill levels. For beginners, in particular, having a step-by-step pattern to follow can instill confidence and eliminate the fear of making mistakes. A lot of quilt kits also have online tutorials, as well.

Celebrate your love for the land of the free with this patriotic Freedom quilt kit! The pieced quilt, designed by Primitive Gatherings, is made with fabrics from the American Gatherings II fabric collection from Moda. Kit includes pattern and fabrics for the quilt top and binding. You can find the quilt kit on Missouri Star Quilt Co. or click here!

Let’s talk about what doesn’t come in a quilt kit. There are a few things that may not be included. First, the quilt backing fabric is usually not included. The batting is not included. And sometimes the fabric for the binding is included and sometimes it isn’t. It’s important to remember when buying a quilt kit, to double-check exactly what is and what isn’t included.

How sweet! This pieced quilt has the old-fashioned charm of penny candy. The Penny Candy Quilt Kit by Lori Holt, includes instructions and fabrics for the top and binding from Lori Holt’s Mercantile collection for Riley Blake Designs. You can find this beautiful quilt kit on Missouri Star Quilt Co. or just click here.

Quilt kits are a game-changer for anyone interested in quilting. By offering a hassle-free solution with pre-selected fabrics, included patterns, and essential supplies, quilt kits make the piecing experience easy-peasy lemon-squeezy! Pick up a quilt kit today and let your creativity soar!

Want to see more examples of quilt kits for sale? Shop the entire collection of gorgeous quilt kits on Missouri Star Quilt Co. or just click here!

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