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Quilters Love Birthday Bash at Missouri Star!

by Beth Cooper

Quilters, mark your calendars for a super fun and exciting event at the Missouri Star Quilt Company! They are celebrating their 15th birthday with a huge party! The Birthday Bash will include everything from free demonstrations to vendor booths to cake walks. Each year, the Birthday Bash proves to be an unforgettable gathering for anyone with a passion for quilting, sewing, and all things crafty.

Dates and Location

The 2023 Birthday Bash will take place from Wednesday, September 20th, to Saturday, September 23rd. Quilters from all corners of the country flock to the charming town of Hamilton, Missouri, where the Missouri Star Quilt Company is nestled. With its picturesque streets and warm community spirit, Hamilton provides the perfect backdrop for this creative extravaganza. They don’t call Hamilton the “Disneyland for Quilters” for nothing! You will fall in love with the town and the company!

Birthday Bash
Birthday Bash!

What Exactly Is the Birthday Bash??

The four-day celebration will be brimming with a wide array of events, workshops, and activities to engage attendees of all skill levels.

  1. Free Demonstrations: From beginner-friendly sessions to advanced techniques, the event will offer a fun selection of free demonstrations of techniques led by experienced instructors. Participants will have the chance to learn new sewing techniques, applique techniques, cutting techniques and explore lots of new ideas.
  2. Shopping: The Missouri Star Quilt Company’s campus turns into a shopper’s paradise, with all fourteen shops open! They have everything from fabric and thread to quilting machines and unique notions.
  3. Vendor Booths: There will be an entire section of town devoted to vendor booths! Explore quilting booths, sewing booths, not to mention lots of food trucks and delicious food options! Quilters gotta eat too! There will also be eight free cake walks! Who doesn’t love a good cake walk?
  4. Meet-and-Greets: A highlight for many attendees was the chance to meet some of the well-known faces of Missouri Star Quilt Co., as well as other quilting personalities! Meet with Jenny Doan and even yours truly, Beth Cooper. There will be four trunk shows during the Birthday Bash and lots of opportunities to meet with your quilting heroes.
  5. Community and Camaraderie: Beyond the shopping, trunk shows, meet and greets, and the parade (Did I mention there is going to be a super fun parade??), the Birthday Bash fosters a strong sense of community. Attendees can be seen sharing stories, offering advice, and collaborating on projects. This event serves as a reminder that quilting is not just a solitary hobby, but a way to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for creating.
Downtown Hamilton, Missouri

The Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Birthday Bash is more than just an event; it’s an experience that brings together a community of quilters who are eager to learn, share, and celebrate their love for quilting. Want to learn more about the Birthday Bash or begin planning your trip to Hamilton? You can get more information here.

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