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Get to Know Beth Cooper of Nancy’s Notions

by Beth Cooper

Hey there!  I’m Beth Cooper.  Nice to meet you.  Since we have so many new faces visiting our Nancy’s Notion website, I thought I would re-introduce myself. I’m the one writing the articles that are posted each week, so I thought you may want to know a bit about me.

Beth Cooper

First of all, I love to sew and quilt. That’s probably obvious! But I’m also a mom to three great kids. My oldest is just starting college. My middle child (and mini-me) is starting high school and my youngest is starting junior high. I’ve been married for 24 years to a great guy who supports my fabric addiction and sewing projects. I have the best parents ever and am blessed to have them live nearby.

We live in a small town in southern Illinois and love it! There are four stoplights in our entire county. Right now it is summer here; the honeysuckle is bloomed and everything smells so sweet. The leaves on the trees are a gorgeous shade of green and the local public pool is a happening place.

Our family loves pets. We have three cats, a guinea pig, a bunch of fish, and eight chickens. Our oldest cat is Eloise and she is 15 years old. She doesn’t see as well as she used to but she is still queen of this household.

Eloise, who loves the morning sun.

I Love Sewing, History, Christmas, and More!

I love history, especially local history, and co-host a tv show that airs daily. It’s all about local history and things from the past. Our county has a rich history, full of interesting people and events, most of which have been forgotten over time by most people. (If you want to watch the show, not only is it on local cable, it’s also on YouTube. Just search for By the Way with Beth and Stacey or click here.)

I also love the history of sewing, quilts, and quilt-makers. During the Pandemic, I began sewing the famous Jane Stickle quilt (some call it Dear Jane) and I fell in love with not only the quilt, but Jane herself. I set out to learn everything I could about this Civil-War-era woman and her quilt. At the time, I was President of our local quilt guild and was trying to brainstorm guild programs for our monthly meetings that would be fun to do over Zoom. I decided to dress as Jane and present her story to the guild. It was a hit! I was soon asked by other guilds to do the same thing for them. Since this time, I have traveled to many guilds and historical societies to present Jane and her story, along with my Jane quilt. I even performed as Jane in her hometown of Shaftsbury, Vermont at the local historical society. If you ever get a chance to travel to Vermont, stop by the Bennington Museum to see Jane’s quilt. It hangs there 6 weeks out of the year and is absolutely gorgeous.

Me, as Jane Stickle, with my quilt. I chose to do mine in bright batiks, instead of traditional Civil War colors.

I am active in our local community theater, as well. I co-direct two performances a year at our local theater and I participate in our annual cemetery tour where I portray past citizens with interesting stories. I love making history come alive!

My absolute favorite time of year is Christmas! I love the music, the movies, the decorations, the reason for the season, the Christmas spirit in the air, the cold, the quilts, everything!! I listen to Christmas music in my car in the summer. I truly think about Christmas all year long. In fact, I’m already counting down until next Christmas!

I am a proud cancer survivor. I had breast cancer in 2013 and am getting ready to celebrate TEN years cancer-free on December 26, 2023. I might have a party. Actually, I should definitely have a party. There will be a party.

Me, finishing a 5K Walk for Cancer while still doing chemo. I finished dead last I think. (My friends are pictured behind me. They wanted to walk with me, but could’ve passed me up and finished way sooner. I’m thankful for good friends.)

I love to sew all kinds of things, but I am a quilter at heart. Read about my favorite quilt I’ve made here. Quilting is my quiet time and I find it so relaxing and fulfilling. If I only had more time in the day, I could maybe get all the quilts done that are on my to-do list! Wouldn’t it wonderful if we didn’t have to sleep?? I would have an extra eight hours to sew!

Continuing Nancy’s Legacy

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better. I have certainly enjoyed all of the emails I have received from so many of you who have reached out over the past year and are so happy that Nancy’s Notions is back. It is a true joy to be continuing Nancy’s legacy of educating others about sewing and quilting. You can always drop me a line at I would be happy to hear from you!

‘Til next time,


P.S. I’ll be at two upcoming Missouri Star events if you want to meet me! I’ll be at MSA from June 27-29 and I’ll be at the Birthday Bash in September! Click here for more information. I would love to see you there!

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Carol Olson
Carol Olson
10 months ago

I loved reading about Beth Cooper! We have a lot of common interests in sewing. I have a “small cottage” business sewing projects for neighbors to repair, alter clothing or other sewing needs. I call it friends helping friends projects. Some are easy and some are a creative challenge which I love to solve. Carol Olson, Williston, Florida

10 months ago

Thanks for sharing your story. I look forward to Nancy’s Notions every Thursday. Inspiring projects and I love the people stories!

Susan McFarland
Susan McFarland
10 months ago

Thank you for keeping Nancy’s legacy going. She would be pleased.

9 months ago

Thanks for sharing your bio! I just finished reading your article about Ellen Lofland and her kaleidoscope quilt and the jackets. The jacket she made for herself is something I’m interested in making. My search on Amazon for a “French Barn Jacket” pattern did not yield a garment with styling similar to Ellen’s. Can more specific details about the pattern be provided, please?

Andrea Sayers
Andrea Sayers
9 months ago

Hi Beth. Have you ever made a Memory Quilt using hoodies and T-shirts? I have been asked to do one and am wondering if the hoodie material is too thick. Andrea from Indiana